Here's How Long That Hummus Will Stay Fresh After Opening

A creamy bowl of hummus
A creamy bowl of hummus - Tempura/Getty Images

Hummus is a creamy and popular dip thanks to its agreeable and mild taste, pairing well with anything from fluffy pita triangles to spicy rice bowls. The sheer variety of hummus flavors also adds to its popularity, with picks from savory roasted garlic hummus to bright sweet potato varieties available on store shelves. The dip is a great choice to set out with other appetizers on game day, but a lot of hummus lovers choose to keep a container of it in the fridge to snack on throughout the week. However, it won't stay fresh forever.

When stored properly, store-bought hummus should maintain its savory flavors for up to seven days. Homemade varieties, which lack the preservatives or high-pressure processing techniques used to preserve commercial hummus, will usually hold for a shorter period of up to four days. Of course, every batch of hummus is different, so don't feel obligated to chuck it once that time is up. A bad taste or smell is the biggest indicator of hummus gone bad. If you're a fan of store-bought hummus, remember to check the packaging to see when the dip might expire.

If your hummus isn't stored correctly, its shelf-life will decrease substantially. Here's how to store hummus correctly so you can enjoy the beloved spread for as long as possible.

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How To Keep Your Hummus Fresher For Longer

An open container of hummus
An open container of hummus - Katerininamd/Shutterstock

There are some ways to extend the shelf-life of your hummus, and if you follow these rules right, your hummus might last you double the time it usually does. Whether you have just opened a container of store-bought hummus or have made your own at home, keeping the dip sealed in the fridge in an airtight container is usually the best method of storage. Airtight containers keep food fresh for longer by creating a tight seal, keeping out the pesky presence of excess bacteria or other mold-inducing substances. Keep this container in your fridge at a temperature below 40 degrees, and this refreshing dip should keep for as long as possible.

There's one last thing to remember to keep your hummus at peak freshness: Avoid keeping it out of your fridge for too long. Hummus that's been left out for longer than the FDA standard of four hours will go bad much more quickly, so limit its exposure to air by only scooping out as much hummus as you need at a time into a serving dish. If you follow all of these steps, you should be able to dip into this delicious goodness for up to a week, or if you're lucky, maybe even longer.

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