Grab A Friend Because Whole Foods Has Buy One, Get One Free Mochi Today

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Photo credit: Whole Foods
Photo credit: Whole Foods

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Even if you aren't within a convenient distance of a Whole Foods grocery store, if you're an Amazon Prime member, you can get some Whole Foods groceries shipped straight to your door. This also means that when Prime Day rolls around, you can be ready.

This year's Amazon Prime Day is officially happening on June 21 and 22 (that's right now!), a date that is pretty traditional for the event. Last year, the two-day shopping event was postponed due to the pandemic and took place in October. Typically, though, the event happens at some point during the summer so this year it's back to business as usual.


While Prime Day is typically a good time to shop for electronics and kitchen appliances while top-rated products are discounted, it's also a good time to do your grocery shopping if you want to pick up some things from Whole Foods. Last year, Amazon brought back its Whole Foods $10-for-$10 deal that essentially gifts you free money to use online. When you spent more than $10 on a Whole Foods order by a certain predetermined date, you got a $10 credit to your Amazon account to use however you wanted on Prime Day.

This exact deal isn't on the agenda for this year's Prime Day, but there are some deals for the occasion that you can take advantage of. A spokesperson for Whole Foods told Delish that there are some totally new and exclusive seasonal items that are available with special in-store pricing for Prime members through June 22. These items include a Summer Sunset Pie (25 percent off), Heirloom Caprese Pizza ($10), and Butterfly Berry Lemonade ($1).

Whole Foods is also offering Prime member deals like buy one get one free single-serve mochi, beef rib steaks for just $11.99 per pound, 25 percent off of Chilean sea bass, and 30 percent off of reusable water bottles.

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