Sex Education: What did Adam's poem say in season 3?

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If you've made your way through Sex Education season 3, you'll know that things got *pretty* emotional towards the end of the season.

Adam took Rahim's advice and got in touch with his poetic side, writing a poem for Eric, and it's definitely one you'll need tissues for. But what did the poem actually say? Have a read below.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

To recap, during the final episode, we hear Adam reading out his poem, with his voice playing over an emotional montage showing each individual character and where they end up.

We see Rahim reading Adam's poem on his bed, Aimee and Steve breaking up, Maeve packing her bags, and Viv finally getting into some role-play with Eugene. Then there's Lily rediscovering her love for aliens and Adam himself competing in the dog competition, plus, of course, Adam's now-ex Eric.

Photo credit: Sam Taylor/Netflix - Netflix
Photo credit: Sam Taylor/Netflix - Netflix

The whole thing is all very emotional, with some suitably sad music setting the mood as well. But if you were too swept up to take in the actual poem itself, Netflix have now treated us to a full run-through of what it actually said. Prepare your tissues.

Sharing Adam's poem on Twitter, Netflix added the caption, "Can't get through the day without thinking about Adam's poem in Season 3 of Sex Education." Same, TBH. Here's what it actually says:

"A boy I don't like told me
To write from the heart
I didn't know what that meant
Because I never knew I had one
I never knew I had a heart
Till you said you kissed a boy I haven't met
Then I knew I had a heart
Because I thought it might stop
And when I thought
My heart might stop beating
I realised it had always been there
But it didn't know how to feel
Until I thought about losing you
I knew we wouldn't last forever
I was waiting for this day
But I hope we can fix things
And if we can't
I will always thank you
For showing me I have a heart."

Wow, that was all very emotional.

Twitter, of course agreed, sharing their reactions in response to Adam's poetic moment:

And if that wasn't enough, we've got Sex Education season 4 to look forward to too. More of Adam the poet, please and thanks.

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