Henry Winkler 'completely disagrees' with Scott Baio's pro-Trump political beliefs, but supports him

While on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, a left leaning Henry Winkler was asked what he thought about his fellow Happy Days actor, Scott Baio. Baio is strong supporter of President Donald Trump, despite working in a progressive and liberal industry.

When asked about Baio, Winkler said, "He came into my life when he was 11 or 12. He is a member of our family. I completely disagree with his politics and I will not say anything. I will not criticize him because he truly believes it, and he is my son."

It was pretty sweet to see Winkler support his old castmate, despite their differences. Winkler said the entire cast supports each other. Though he joked, "Except for Ron Howard."

Winkler ended by talking about how much he loves Mrs. Cunningham actress, Marion Ross. Winkler said, "Marion Ross, [is] one of the great women outside of my biological family."