Hennessey Says Its Six-Wheel-Drive GT Will Have 2000+ HP, 620-Mile Range

Photo credit: Hennessey
Photo credit: Hennessey

The power figures of mainstream production vehicles have become completely bonkers. Whether it's muscle cars with 700 hp or electric trucks with a thousand, modern production cars are offering what even most tuners couldn't promise just a couple of decades ago. So tuners are responding by getting even wilder, with ideas like Hennessey's Project Deep Space.

That's the name Hennessey has given its newest moonshot, a six-wheel-drive electric grand tourer that it wants to deliver by 2026. The company is targeting over 2000 hp, enabling a top speed over 200 mph. Hennessey's no stranger to those speeds, as the Exige-based Venom GT claimed a record in 2014 when it hit 270 mph in one direction.

It's worth taking that with a grain of salt. Hennessey says not to expect Project Deep Space to launch until 2026. Don't expect a similar-to-production car reveal until 2024. But these new details, which come from an interview Autocar had with CEO John Hennessey, are the first real information we have on the concept.

In the interview, Hennessey notes that the six-wheeled grand tourer is obviously a break from form for a company that typically makes brutally quick sports cars or massive trucks. That the company chose to try a new segment for its first EV is no coincidence.

“I kept waiting for battery technology and lighter batteries to come along, but we’re not there yet," he told Autocar. "Two-and-a-half years ago, I thought: 'What if weight isn’t an issue for our first shot at electrification? What if it's not a hypercar? What if it's not a sports car?'"

The goal is to deliver a 620-mile range (1000 km) for a production version. It'll be extremely limited, though, with Hennessey capping the total number of cars at 105. Pricing should be in the three million range, so if you want one you'll need a big check and a lot of patience.

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