Here’s What Helps Hypebae Staffers Unwind After a Long Day

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Aug 15 marks National Relaxation Day and there's nothing better than a bit of time to unwind and provide yourself with some self-care with your favorite beauty and wellness products after what may have felt like a long day. Once you shut your laptop down and leave the office for the day, it's such a wonderful feeling to kick your shoes off, light your favorite candle, apply your favorite mask or embark on your evening body care journey.

If you're struggling with ways to release the stress of the day, Hypebae staffers have opened up and shared what helps them take the edge off after work. Keep reading on for more.

Jascmeen Bush, Sneaker and Footwear Editor

The only way for me to fully relax is to put my phone down which is admittedly hard to do. To force myself to stop scrolling I'll cover my hands in aquaphor and any oils I have laying around. I then put on cotton gloves from the drugstore as they're pretty cheap and are impossible to text with and hit do not disturb on my phone, turn on a movie and chill. By the time I take the gloves off my hands, they look and feel moisturized, plus I've given myself a much needed mini digital detox.

Alyssa Ackerman, Beauty Social Coordinator

After a long day of the nine to five grind, I like to wind down with Skin Gym's IceCoolie Ice Roller and a hot cup of tea spiked with Moon Juice's Blue Beauty Adaptogenic Protein. For someone who stares at multiple screens for an average of seven hours per day, at the end of my work shift I find my eyes feeling strained and and face feeling tighter than a fresh surge of botox. I like to use the IceCoolie Ice Roller to relieve any and all tension in my complexion and down the nape of my neck. It's also a great dose of cool for unwarranted NYC heat waves. My warm cup of tea makes reminds me to stay present in my body and reconnect to energy that confines it. Pair that with Moon Juice's Blue Beauty Adaptogenic Protein, and I sometimes tell myself I look even prettier after drinking just one cup.

Stixx Mathews, Beauty Editor

After a day of writing edits and putting our editorial fires, I close my laptop, turn my phone off for approximately one hour, and sit in silence to recall my day. I have candles light within my apartment throughout the day, but I purposely change the ambiance and switch between the "Lavender Cloud," reset candle from being frenshe or the "Chai Milk," candle from Nette. Once the mood is set, I give myself a thorough face cleanse, apply one of my favorite masks from 111SKIN or Loops Beauty, and pretend I am a world-renowned celebrity for my hour alone.