Hellcat Redeye With Nitrous Races Whipple Dodge Demon

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The ending is downright explosive!

Everyone knows that out of the box, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is far quicker on the drag strip than the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye. For purists who think you should keep everything factory-spec, including the tires, they’re not going to be too happy about the Hellcat Redeye with nitrous racing against the Demon with a Whipple supercharger upgrade.

Go out in style with a Dodge Hellcat Redeye hearse here.

Both of these modern Mopar muscle cars have been tweaked beyond what they were out of the factory. Sure, each one is potent as it was designed, but when you start playing with adding more forced induction for more oxygen crammed in the combustion chamber at each intake stroke, as well as some fuel system tuning and so on, the results can be amazing.

<span>image credit: YouTube</span>
image credit: YouTube

As you’ll see in the video, the results can also be explosive. If all you’ve done is watch Fast and Furious movies, you’d be under the impression NOS or nitrous oxide is some highly unstable, extremely explosive substance which will blow a car several feet into the air if the tanks are damaged by errant Uzi fire. That’s some nice Hollywood magic, so of course reality is far different.

The Hellcat Redeye featured in the video not only is running nitrous oxide, it has the Demonology Package installed. This package is likely just a one-off, but after seeing it in action we think they could offer it to the public. However, Demonology does have some cool merch, if you’re looking for a new shirt.

<span>image credit: YouTube</span>
image credit: YouTube

It was a fairly close race, but the Demon driver pushed his car a little too hard and you see a nice trail of smoke billowing out behind it right at the end. There’s also some video of the damage to the car when it blew up. The first part of the video is the Demonology guys messing around. If you want to skip that to get to the action, go to about 6:45 in the video.

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