'Hell': Kyiv Train Station Packed as Russian Troops Advance

Thousands of Ukrainians fled the country as Russian troops continued a full-scale military invasion on Tuesday, March 1.

Footage taken by Tatiena Stanieva shows crowds packed into the Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi train station. On Facebook, Stanieva described the situation as “hell,” writing that people around her were screaming, crying, and rushing into the station. She said she began to cry when an announcement came that the 17:50 train to Izmail had been canceled.

Poland said around 98,000 refugees entered the country on March 1, bringing the total to more than 450,000.

Ukraine’s State Emergency Service said on March 2 that 2,000 Ukrainian civilians had been killed since the beginning of the invasion. Storyful cannot independently verify this figure. Credit: Tetiana Stanieva via Storyful