Heidi Klum said installing marble countertops in her kitchen was a 'dumb' decision

Heidi Klum said installing marble countertops in her kitchen was a 'dumb' decision
  • Heidi Klum appeared on "Celebrity IOU" with Drew and Jonathan Scott.

  • During the episode, Klum referred to herself as "dumb" for getting marble countertops in her home.

  • Marble countertops stain easily and are more expensive than alternative counter materials.

Heidi Klum questioned her home design choices during an appearance on an HGTV show.

On Monday, Klum, 49, guest-starred on HGTV's "Celebrity IOU" alongside Drew and Jonathan Scott of "Property Brothers" fame.

The model and "America's Got Talent" host teamed up with the Scotts to renovate her housekeeper Lucia's home on the series, transforming it in just three weeks.

Klum was heavily involved in the renovation, going as far as to install roof shingles and place tiles alongside the Scotts.

She also selected the finishes for the kitchen with Jonathan, and her mission was to pick cabinetry and countertops that were lighter than what Lucia had previously.

Heidi Klum points at Jonathan and Drew Scott on the set of "Celebrity IOU."
Heidi Klum appeared on "Celebrity IOU."HGTV

Jonathan provided Klum with multiple options for quartz countertops, which Klum was immediately excited about.

"Can I tell you something? I do have, like, real marble in the kitchen. Dumb," she said of the choice, rolling her eyes at herself.

Jonathan echoed her, saying marble isn't the best material for countertops because it stains. As Insider previously reported, real marble is more expensive than quartz and can require a lot of maintenance.

"So many people are like, 'I need real marble imported from Italy,' and I'm like, 'You get a glass of water, it stains,'" Jonathan said.

"It always stains," Klum agreed. "Hate that!"

Jonathan assured Klum that the quartz was a more practical choice for Lucia.

Heidi Klum stands on a roof with the Property Brothers holding power tools.
Heidi Klum regrets her marble countertops.HGTV

Marble also isn't the only way to make your kitchen look luxurious. Quartz has a luxurious look, and cohesive serveware and flatware can give your kitchen a put-together feel.

In addition, experts recommend splurging on aesthetic appliances if they're going to sit on your countertop.

The Scotts also previously told Insider it's best not to pick countertops that are too bold, as it could cost you more in the long run.

"You feel this is your forever home," Drew told Insider. "But a lot of times people say that, but then maybe they have to move for their job or something. Or maybe they have more kids, they need a bigger house, and they're forced to move."

"All of a sudden, you've spent thousands of dollars on something like a tiger or a leopard-print countertop stone," he added. "Something that's so bold is gonna be very expensive to change out."

"Celebrity IOU" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on HGTV and Discovery+.

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