Heidi Klum on the craziest 'America’s Got Talent' act she’s ever seen: 'He does the weirdest things'

Heidi Klum appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday, and, just ahead of the June 1 premiere of America’s Got Talent, revealed the craziest act she’s seen as a judge on the show. For those familiar with AGT, this may not come as a surprise.

“What's the craziest act that you've seen in your years on AGT?” Kimmel asked. “So many crazy ones,” Klum replied. “Number one, the regurgitator. Did you guys know — you have to look him up, he's absolutely amazing.”

Stevie Starr, “the regurgitator” Klum was referring to, sometimes put on truly stomach-turning performances in which he’d swallow objects and manipulate them in different ways before regurgitating them. On one occasion, Starr appeared to screw a nut onto a bolt inside his stomach. Another time, he borrowed jewelry from Klum.

“He took my diamond ring, swallowed it, swallowed a locket, a key. And inside of his stomach, put my ring in the locket, locked it and regurgitated it all back up,” Klum said. “He does the weirdest things.”