Heidi Klum's 2017 Halloween Bash: Wildest makeup transformations

AOL.com editors

Every year, Heidi Klum throws the Halloween party to outdo all other Halloween parties.

For 18 years, the supermodel invites Hollywood's most notable faces to an exclusive New York City spot for a night covered in blood, prosthetics, wigs and fake teeth. And of course, the Queen of Halloween always makes an appearance in the best costume of the night. 

This year we saw Klum dressed as a werewolf, Heather Graham as a day of the dead skeleton, a gory Dylan Sprouse and a scarecrow Zac Posen. These celebrities may spend hours in the makeup chair to perfect their holiday transformation. 

Klum's creepy Jessica Rabbit costume in 2015 took over 9 hours, so we can imagine just how long it took her to look like a Michael Jackson werewolf. She documented the whole process on her Instagram -- it seemed to involve molds of her hands, fitted ears and more

Scroll through above to see the best makeup looks of the night! How many famous faces do you recognize?