What the heck is a ‘hard-boiled egg girl’?

The internet is just as baffled as you about whatever a “hard-boiled egg girl” is. The explanation is no less chaotic.

TikTok has become a hub of aesthetics and cores. The impulse to label and repackage any trend with a new name is strong with this crowd. It was only a matter of time before something as silly and manufactured as “hard-boiled egg girls” would emerge.

What are “hard-boiled egg girls”?

The phrase took off after the TikTok user @selfcarewn posted a video on Nov. 22. The slideshow was in response to the comment, “hard-boiled egg girls?”

In the montage were images of hard-boiled eggs along with pictures of women wearing soft pastel colors, long pink nails and doing facials.

What is the controversy around “hard-boiled egg girls”?

On the same day, a Twitter user posted a screenshot of the TikTok video, saying, “it has gone too far.” People then began to discuss the term.

TikToker @imeanitschristine couldn’t even take the term seriously.

“Can we be serious for just one second?” she said. “What is a hard-boiled egg, girl?”

Meanwhile, others, like the user @blueberrysk1es4, were fed up with women being compared to “inanimate objects.”

The discourse levels surrounding the term escalated to such high levels that on Dec. 1, Glamour U.K. covered the term on its Instagram.

It refuted the criticism, saying, “Aren’t we ever-evolving human beings in a society that is still learning to be more accepting of people – no matter what their differences?”

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