You can now buy heated underwear to banish the cold - and it also soothes period pain

Lauren Clark
You can now buy heated underwear to help banish the cold. [Photo: Yahoo Style UK]

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The recent cold weather has already sent us reaching for skin-soothing moisturisers and a cosy new winter duvet.

Now, we’re logging onto Amazon because the site has started stocking another genius way to fight the low temperatures and keep you warm - they are selling heated underwear for women.

And not only does they banish the chill, but the QQQA ‘Smart Heated Panties’, which cost approximately £41 a pair, can relieve period pain too.

The multi-tasking product comes in five heat settings - including a 50°C option for easing dysmenorrhea.

The "Smart Heated Panties" feature five heat settings ranging from 37°C to 50°C [Image: Amazon]

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While, it’s not entirely clear the scientific basis for these battery-powered knickers, women have long used hot water bottles to deal with menstrual cramps.

A study by University College London also found that placing heat on the skin can reduce discomfort by blocking pain messages to the brain.

If you’re more keen to use the pants for their heating abilities alone, the 37°C ‘winter warm’ setting has a handy 12-hour life-span.

Other settings include 40°C for the rather mysterious “palace cold conditioning”, and there’s also 45°C for “menstrual conditioning” and 40-50°C for “daily health”.

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According to the product description - which features some rather unusual claims - the pants “regulate menstruation” and “nourish the uterus”, as well as working to “effectively protect health and fertility” and ward off “uterine damage [and] gynaecological inflammation”.

The soft polyester-spandex blend material, which comes in pink and red, can be washed - but only once you’ve removed the battery.

You can also wear them on a daily basis, and all year-round, although slipping them on in summer might be rather uncomfortable.

Buy it: QQQA ‘Smart Heated Panties’ | £41

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