'Heat' Turns 20: Watch Star Al Pacino Narrate Three Classic Scenes — Including that Epic Gun Shoot Out

Oscar-winning actor Al Pacino has fired off more than a few rounds over the course of his illustrious movie career, starring in such bullet-riddled classics as Scarface, Carlito’s Way, and Donnie Brasco. But that hardly makes him Charlton Heston when it comes to his feelings towards firearms. “The odd thing about me is, I really have no connection to guns,” Pacino told Yahoo Movies (watch above) while discussing three scenes from Michael Mann’s beloved 1995 heist movie Heat, which turns 20 this month. “I just don’t like them. I don’t use them. But in the roles I play, I use guns. So every time I get a new part, I have to relearn something.”

Pacino was specifically addressing the epic shoot-out between his cop Lt. Vincent Hanna and Robert De Niro’s robber Neil McCauley that lasts over six minutes and tests the bass and subwoofers on any surround-sound home entertainment system.

During our Role Recall interview with Pacino last November, the 75-year-old actor also revealed that De Niro — who he costarred with in The Godfather Part II, though the two didn’t share any scenes — didn’t want to rehearse their tense diner sit-down. (The results of their unfamiliarity paid off.) Pacino also revealed that he tore a hamstring while chasing De Niro during a climactic airplane hangar sequence. “Poor Bob had to run around all night by himself,” he laughed. “Being chased by an understudy.”

Watch Pacino’s full ‘Role Recall’ interview: