Heartstopper Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know

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Finished with Heartstopper season 2 already? Have no fear: The queer, British, coming-of-age rom-com series is coming back for season 3.

Back in May 2022, only a month after its season 1 premiere, Netflix announced that Heartstopper had officially received a double renewal for season 2 and season 3. Heartstopper, which is based on the graphic novel and webcomic series of the same name created by Alice Oseman, is one of Netflix's best-reviewed series and has earned critical acclaim for its positive representation of young queer people. The show has become a massive hit for the streamer and has developed a large, devoted fanbase. Heartstopper fans on social media have been vocal about the impact the show has had on them IRL, including a few who were inspired to come out after watching the series.

Nick and Charlie are just getting started, and we are more than ready for the next chapter of their love story to play out on-screen. Below, we've created a guide to everything we know so far about Heartstopper season 3, including the trailer, plot details, new (hello, Jonathan Bailey?) and returning cast members, and the third season's release date on Netflix.

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<h1 class="title">Horizontal line featuring Hearstopper's trademark leaves.</h1>

Horizontal line featuring Hearstopper's trademark leaves.

When was Heartstopper season 3 announced?

Heartstopper season 3 was announced, surprisingly, at the same time as Heartstopper season 2. Netflix granted the show a back-to-back renewal in May 2022, locking in their streaming slot for two more seasons. The show's cast shared their excitement about the news on social media, with Joe Locke captioning an Instagram photo dump behind-the-scenes shots: “HOW MANY MORE SEASONS??? ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️”

Yasmin Finney also posted a photo dump of BTS shots, with her and her castmates holding up the peace sign in nearly every pic. “[Two] more seasons plz,” she captioned the post with a two-finger emoji.

Heartstopper creator Alice Oseman also celebrated on Twitter, sharing a video from Netflix's official Twitter account of them literally illustrating the news. “Seasons 2 and 3, here we come!!!” Oseman tweeted, complete with a leaf emoji.


Has Heartstopper season 3 started filming yet?

Yes! In fact, Heartstopper season 3 has finished filming. Filming for season 3 was slated to begin in October 2023, and Netflix is committing to this schedule with a capital “C.” As of October 2, 2023, cameras are officially rolling on the Heartstopper set. (As a production of the United Kingdom, the filming of Heartstopper 3 was not affected by the SAG-AFTRA strike in America.)

Netflix announced the news that Heartstopper season 3 was in production on X, sharing a picture of series creator Alice Oseman wearing a cozy fall sweater and, very on brand, holding up a very queer slate with Charlie and Nick's cartoon portraits drawn on it. “AND ACTION!! 🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂,” the streamer captioned the post, adding, also on brand, a bunch of fallen leaves emojis. Per Oseman's clapboard, we can tell that Andy Newbery will be directing most of the episodes this season, while Simona Susnea will return as the series' cinematographer. The season took roughly three months to film, with production wrapping in December 2023.


Who is in the cast of Heartstopper season 3?

From left to right: Tobie Donovan, Evan Ovenell, Nima Taleghani, Cormac Hyde-Corrin, Jack Barton, Leila Khan, Joe Locke, Kit Connor, Rhea Norwood, Jenny Walser, Kizzy Edgell, Corinna Brown, Yasmin Finney, Momo Yeung, and William Gao
From left to right: Tobie Donovan, Evan Ovenell, Nima Taleghani, Cormac Hyde-Corrin, Jack Barton, Leila Khan, Joe Locke, Kit Connor, Rhea Norwood, Jenny Walser, Kizzy Edgell, Corinna Brown, Yasmin Finney, Momo Yeung, and William Gao
Courtesy of Netflix

The entire main cast of Heartstopper is expected to return for season 3. This includes Kit Connor (who plays Nick), Joe Locke (Charlie), Yasmin Finney (Elle), William Gao (Tao), Tobie Donovan (Isaac), Corinna Brown (Tara), Kizzy Edgell (Darcy), Sebastian Croft (Ben), Rhea Norwood (Imogen), and Jenny Walser (Tori).

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The show welcomed seven new cast members for season 2, who could all return, as well. Jack Barton portrayed David Nelson, Nick's older brother; Nima Taleghani played Mr. Farouk, a schoolteacher at Truham; Bradley Riches, played James McEwan; Bel Priestley and Ash Self played Naomi and Felix, respectively, new friends of Elle; and Thibault de Montalembert portrayed Stephane, Nick’s dad.

Heartstopper season 2 also introduced Sahar Zahid, who is a character from the original webcomic who attends Higgs. Leila Khan landed the role of Sahar “after a nation-wide” open search; her portrayal of Sahar was her first-ever professional acting role.

In late November 2023, creator Alice Oseman announced on Instagram the addition of a new character and the actor who will portray him. “Now some of you already figured this out 👀, but for those who didn’t, we’re thrilled to be welcoming Darragh Hand as Michael Holden to the Heartstopper family for S3!” they wrote in the caption.

“As well as appearing in the Heartstopper graphic novels, Michael — along with Tori — is one of the main characters of my first-ever novel, Solitaire. So I was very nervous and excited to begin the search for our Michael!" Oseman continued. "Michael is a quirky, eccentric optimist with a sunshine disposition, and it was a challenge to find someone who I felt truly channeled Michael from the books. But then Darragh came along and warmed our hearts, made us all laugh so much, and perfectly complimented Jenny Walser’s Tori Spring. I can’t wait for you to meet Michael in season 3!”

That's not all — Bridgerton's Jonathan Bailey appears to have also joined Heartstopper season 3 as a guest star. While nothing has been yet confirmed by Netflix, pictures that appear to show Bailey in character started circulating on social media on March 13, 2024.

Fans of the series believe Bailey has joined the series as a version of Henry Maddox, an English scholar and former musician introduced in Alice Oseman's mini-comic The Ethics of Infatuation Dynamics. (Spoiler alert: both Charlie and Nick have a platonic crush on him.) For the series, the character appears to have been renamed as Jack Maddox.

However, we also have some bad news. There will also be a major character departure during Heartstopper season 3 as British legend Olivia Colman, who played Nick's mother Sarah Nelson, is set to exit the show due to scheduling conflicts. “I couldn’t do number three. I couldn’t fit it in. I feel awful about that," Colam recently told Forbes. The star continued saying Heartstopper was “one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever been part of” and teased that “as long as it’s booked in advance,” she might be able to return for season four.

Olivia Colman as Sarah Nelson in Heartstopper season one.
Olivia Colman as Sarah Nelson in Heartstopper season one.
Courtesy of Netflix.

Fans of the comics know why Colamn's departure is so devastating, as many expected to see a pivotal scene from the pages play out on screen, which series creator Alice Oseman addressed on her IG. “I know many of you – comic fans especially – will be upset and concerned about how we will move forward without Nick’s mum. I know there is one scene in particular that many of you have been looking forward to in season 3, and you [are] feeling disappointed and disheartened with us. I totally understand – I was really worried, too, when I first found out," she wrote.

“If there is one thing I could ask of you, it’s to not give up on us quite yet," Oseman continued. "I have done everything in my power to preserve that scene as written in the comic, and I’ve written in some new elements of the story to ensure that it gives us the emotional punch that it gives in the comic. And as for the rest of the season – please have faith! Nick’s story from the comics is still there, still infinitely important to me, and Sarah’s role as emotional support for Nick will shift to other characters in the story for now. If we get a season four, I would love for Olivia to be a part of it again!”


What will Heartstopper season 3 be about?

<h1 class="title">Heartstopper Season 2</h1><cite class="credit">Samuel Dore</cite>

Heartstopper Season 2

Samuel Dore

Warning: slight spoilers for Heartstopper season 2 ahead.

Heartstopper season 1 covered the events of Volume One and Two of the Heartstopper graphic novel series, written by Alice Oseman and published in 2019. Season 2 was based on Heartstopper Volume Three, in which Nick and Charlie encounter their first real relationship problems and go on a school trip to Paris. The third and fourth volumes of the graphic novel series were released in 2020 and 2021, respectively, and the fifth installment hit shelves in December 2023. A sixth and final book has also been announced, but there's no release date yet.

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Though the exact plot of season 3 is still under wraps, it's possible that the series could depict the events of Volume Four, further fleshing out Charlie's eating disorder storyline that was briefly introduced in season 2. Here's the official novel synopsis: “Charlie and Nick's relationship has been going really well, and Charlie thinks he's ready to say those three little words: I love you. Nick feels the same way, but he's got a lot on his mind — especially the thought of coming out to his dad and the fact that Charlie might have an eating disorder. As a new school year begins, Charlie and Nick will have to learn what love really means.”

On September 4, Netflix UK and creator Alice Oseman teamed up to reveal an update on the upcoming third season on social media.

The official Netflix UK account shared a photo to Twitter/X of the script for the first episode of season 3, which includes the episode's title. “Heartstopper Season 3. Episode 1. Love,” the platform shared. “That's all we can tell you for now — but we'll be back, as will Nick and Charlie.”


Is there a trailer for Heartstopper season 3?

There is no trailer for Heartstopper season 3 as of yet, but it's surely on the way. Since production has literally just begun, we'll likely have to wait until 2024 for a peek at season 3, but in the meantime, let's take a trip down memory lane and rewatch the trailers for Heartstopper seasons 1 and 2 below:


When is Heartstopper season 3 coming out on Netflix?

Will Gao and Yasmin Finney in Heartstopper season 2

Heartstopper Season 2

Will Gao and Yasmin Finney in Heartstopper season 2
© Netflix / See-Saw

Though we initially believed Heartstopper season 3 could hit our screens as early as the summer of 2024, Netflix has confirmed the season will premiere in October 2024. Series stars Joe Locke and Kit Connor announced the news on March 20, 2024, with the cutest behind-the-scenes video from set.

Joe Locke and Kit Connor gave fans a peek at what's going to happen on episode 8 of Heartstopper season 3, the very last episode of the season, in the announcement video. “Nick and Charlie have… It's started to get a bit more steamy,” Connor teases. “We are about to have a great time.”

The rest of the video shows snippets of the upcoming season, including a super fan fair, while the actors spill the beans on what to expect from their characters as the series progresses. “The tension is high,” Connor then teases. “Sexual tension, love, we're all there.” Watch the announcement below:


This story will be updated as more news about Heartstopper season 3 breaks.

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