This Heart-Shaped Dutch Oven Is Under $50 and Perfect for Valentine's Day

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Photo credit: Walmart
Photo credit: Walmart

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As far as we're concerned, Drew Barrymore's kitchenware line can just take all our money. Who knew air fryers could be beautiful? But, as the brand's namesake implies, everything in the line is just that: beautiful. And, once again, they've stolen our hearts and the money right out of our wallets with their newest launch: a 2 qt. heart-shaped Dutch oven.

Imagine whipping up some bread or a tasty chocolate cake in this beauty for Valentine's Day. It's so gorgeous that it doubles as a serving piece and kitchenware, saving tons of space in your kitchen cabinets.

While it's beautiful, did we also mention how incredibly functional it is, too? Made with enameled cast iron, this Dutch oven is nearly indestructible. It's sure to last you for years to come without all the elbow grease and babying regular cast iron can take. It'll transfer from stovetop to oven seamlessly and then right on to your table. Oh, and don't forget, it's under $50.

The product launches the first week in February, but you can preorder it now so it'll have plenty of time to get to your doorstep before the big day. It's available exclusively for Valentine's Day in their to-die-for pink champagne hue with a gold heart knob on the top. Added bonus: purchasing through Walmart means free shipping. It really just doesn't get better than that.

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