Hearst school celebrates 10th anniversary with official opening

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A Hearst school celebrated an opening 10 years in the making recently.

Scolaire Public du Nord-Est de I'Ontario (CSPNE) proceeded with a grand and festive opening ceremony of the École publique Passeport Jeunesse in Hearst on June 17, on their 10th anniversary.

The official opening ceremony was attended by many, including the school board representatives, students and staff of the elementary and secondary school, dignitaries and community partners.

Denis Labelle, CSPNE chair, is very happy to celebrate this project's completion for students' well-being and success.

"We must absolutely underline the important contributions of the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Government of Canada, which demonstrate how important French-language education is for the Franco-Ontarian youth of Northern Ontario, by investing in the realization of this great collective project in Hearst," he said in a news release.

The school first opened in September 2011 and work has been ongoing since for the creation of a secondary level and the purchase of Place des Arts de Hearst, as well as major construction and renovation work.

"Since its opening, this school has allowed many students, over the years, to surpass themselves and become proud and committed young citizens," said Yves Laliberté, director of education, in the statement.

This well-equipped school is not just meant for the education of the students in the area. In addition to the academic activities, it supports and creates an environment for social and cultural activities.

Isabelle Boucher, the school principal reminded the students of the core values of the school.

"As I often tell you, what is our greatest strength and what makes our school so special is the people we have here," she said.

She also urged the people to "continue to shine and be proud to be a part of École publique Passeport Jeunesse."

Jinsh Rayaroth, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, TimminsToday.com

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