Hear a Custom 6.0-Liter Racing V-12 Hit 12,000 RPM

custom dyno v 12 testing
Hear a Custom 6.0-Liter Racing V-12 Hit 12,000 RPMGreg Quirin / YouTube

Pete Aarmeda and Kevin Braun wanted an engine for land speed runs. Sure, you can make that kind of power with an off-the-shelf block and forced induction, but they wanted to do something else. The result is this custom 6.0-liter V-12, which sounds incredible on a dyno.

According to a report from the Drive, Aarmeda and Braun's engine was born from the design decisions in older IndyCar and NASCAR engines. Braun bought used engines from those series, tore them down to study their design decisions, and used 3D printing technology to develop a unique design incorporating those lessons. Both the block and cylinder heads are from this design process, with a custom crankshaft made to fit the resulting engine.

Despite revving up to 12,000 RPM, the car still sounds more visceral than radical on a dyno. What starts as a guttural roar at low revs builds to a pleasant scream, something like the sounds top-level NASCAR racers pushing outrageous RPMs made before the days of air restriction in the mid-2010s.

Whether or not it produces enormous power, the engine is a fascinating homebrew in the grand spirit of innovative silliness that gave us LS-based V-12s and 10-liter V-8 crate motors Official recorded horsepower figures were not given after the dyno test shown here, but the Drive shares a ballpark estimate of 750 to 800 horsepower. In a simple tube frame chassis, that is a potent recipe for speed.

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