Need a healthy, easy-to-make meal? These Mediterranean Bowls are great lunch or dinner for anyone

I’m a big fan of bowl meals. Rice, some grilled meat (or meat substitute), loads of fresh veggies, a garnish from the herb garden and a squeeze of lemon or lime makes for a delicious meal every time. Laying all the ingredients out in an attractive rainbow along the edge of the bowl makes the meal just a little more enjoyable, too.

This particular dish is a perfect workday lunch or dinner for one, and it’s easy enough to make in a dorm room. As midterms creep slowly closer, I’m sure plenty of students want a break from their dining halls. I’m an advocate for more people learning to cook earlier in their life, and these Mediterranean bowls are the perfect excuse to turn a dormitory into a makeshift kitchen for a few minutes.

All you need equipment-wise is a rice cooker, cutting board and knife. None of those items have to be of any significant size. I can attest that a plastic knife, a flimsy cutting board with the recipe for a mojito printed on it (don’t ask) and a years-old rice cooker could get the job done.

Isabella Tjalve
Isabella Tjalve

While this recipe is meatless, it’s great with some herb-crusted chicken skewers or grilled chicken breast. As it stands, this is a great way of letting the vegetables shine through.