HBO Max and Warner Bros. Discovery Combined Streaming Service Set To Be Named "Max"

Warner Bros. Discovery is on track to formally launch a new name and platform for its upcoming joint streaming service that combines the preexisting HBO Max with Discovery+. The news was first revealed back in August this year, claiming that HBO Max and Discovery+ is merging into one streaming giant.

The merged platform is slated to be called "Max," but is still going through the vetting process by the company's lawyers and others familiar with the strategic move. While the executives have not yet finalized their decision, "Max" is the most likely choice, according to sources. CNBC reports that senior executives are still debating the name and that internally, Warner Bros. Discovery is calling the new streaming platform, "BEAM."

The new combined service will share similarities with Disney+. HBO, Discovery, DC Comics and Warner Bros. will be among those landing on the new platform. It was reported last year that WarnerMedia executives wanted to change the name for the combined streaming service. CEO David Zalav has also previously announced that the company would cut back on HBO Max original series spending.

The expected launch date for the combined streaming service is set to be in Spring 2023. Currently, Warner Bros. Discovery is facing a public restructuring since the merger. In November, Zaslav told investors that their focus is on business and reaching profitability with its streaming strategy, but not necessarily subscriber numbers.

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