Hayley Kiyoko Is the First Lesbian Bachelorette in 'For the Girls' Music Video Featuring Becca Tilley

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Hayley Kiyoko is ready to hand out her final rose.

On Friday, the singer dropped her newest single, "For the Girls," from her forthcoming sophomore album Panorama, set for release in July.

In the accompanying music video, the pop star, 31, takes on the role of the first-ever lesbian Bachelorette in a satirical recreation of the hit dating show — with a surprise appearance at the very end by Bachelor Nation's Becca Tilley.

The self-directed music video opens as episode one of each season on The Bachelorette usually does — with the bachelorette standing at the mansion in a gown, waiting to meet a potential spouse.


Trevor Flores Hayley Kiyoko

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As the women begin to roll in — some with rather eccentric entrance choices — the "Curious" singer laughs and appears to be having a great time.

Meanwhile, the women inside the mansion are lurking through the window to check out their competition — just as they do in the show. And in typical Bachelor franchise fashion, one woman makes the bold move of kissing her the second they meet.

During another cocktail party, one woman hilariously calls out another contestant, saying "I don't know what it is you think you're doing, but let me be the first one to let you know you're not gonna win. I'm here for Hayley's heart. What are you here for?"

Towards the end, the women assemble for a rose ceremony and the singer decides who gets to "stay on the show," causing the women who don't receive a rose to fall into distress.

Still, more shock is in store for the women. As a car honks outside, Becca Tilley, bachelor Chris Soules' runner-up on Season 19 of The Bachelor, steps out of the car and leaves Kiyoko stunned.

becca tilley and hayley kiyoko For The Girls
becca tilley and hayley kiyoko For The Girls

Becca Tilley

"I love being a woman, and women have always been a massive influence on my life," said Kiyoko in a press release, adding that her new love song is meant to help others feel "sexy and empowered."

"'For The Girls' is an anthem celebrating that love, highlighting our strength, beauty, and vulnerability. The music video is meant to reflect that celebration with a sense of humor and an expansive take on whose romantic story gets told."

Kiyoko also directed the music video and says she wanted to "give representation to all of us searching for love while not taking ourselves too seriously," she said. "Being surrounded by queer people of many different gender identities and making art that feels relevant to us was the greatest gift."

She concluded, "It was a reminder of how resilient this community is and how strong and confident we feel being our authentic selves together. No matter how you identify or who you love, I hope this summer bop makes you feel sexy and empowered."

becca tilley and hayley kiyoko For The Girls
becca tilley and hayley kiyoko For The Girls

Hayley Kiyoko

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"For the Girls" follows her 2021 releases "Chance" and "Found My Friends," which will both be featured on the forthcoming album. In April 2021, the singer spoke to PEOPLE about "Found My Friends" and said the lyrics were introspective and encouraged self-love.

"I wrote this song during a challenging time when I realized, instead of being my own worst enemy, I could actually be my own best friend," she said at the time. "So, it was about discovering and nurturing this strong friendship with myself and embracing that, which was a very emotional discovery for myself and can tend to be challenging to realize that we can comfort ourselves."


Trevor Flores Hayley Kiyoko

Following the release of Panorama, Kiyoko will join Lauv on tour in August and is set to co-headline London's Pride festivities at Proud and Loud: Celebrating 50 Years Of Pride at Royal Albert Hall on June 4.

"For the Girls" is out now.

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