Hasura to Allow Anyone to Turn Any Data Source into a GraphQL API

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GraphQL becomes the ultimate data API at HasuraCon ‘22, eliminating hours of staff time and lowering development costs

Hasura GraphQL Data Connector (GDC) SDK now available as early release; additional new innovations include availability in AWS Marketplace, Google Cloud GA, MS SQL event triggers, streaming subscriptions, GitHub integration GA and OpenTelemetry trace support

SAN FRANCISCO, June 28, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GraphQL innovation leader Hasura today announced, during Hasura CEO Tanmai Gopal’s keynote at HasuraCon ‘22, a series of new innovations including a new Hasura GraphQL Data Connector (GDC) SDK that allows developers to extend Hasura to bring GraphQL to their favorite data sources. In addition, Hasura also announced availability of Hasura Cloud Enterprise in AWS Marketplace, general availability of Hasura Cloud deployment on Google Cloud, general availability of GitHub integrations on Hasura Cloud, MS SQL event triggers, streaming subscriptions and support for OpenTelemetry Traces in the Hasura Cloud and Enterprise Editions. To attend the full conference, being held June 28-30, register here.

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The new Hasura GraphQL Data Connector (GDC) SDK allows developers to extend Hasura to bring GraphQL to their favorite data sources. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Hasura makes web application and API development faster than ever before by eliminating bottlenecks to data access. It provides a declarative approach to modeling and securing data from supported data sources by instantly providing a flexible, performant and production-ready data API.

The early release of Hasura’s GDC SDK furthers Hasura’s goal of allowing enterprise teams to connect to all types of data sources to Hasura, and to getting a powerful GraphQL API on their data. Hasura’s GDC specification and SDK allows developers to extend Hasura’s GraphQL API capabilities without waiting for Hasura to natively support their data sources. Using the SDK, developers can build plug-ins for all types of data sources, including proprietary or legacy data sources that might be unique to their enterprise environments as well as new and emerging database technologies.

With this early release SDK, Hasura invites enterprise teams and the community to work together toward understanding and activating their most important data sources. This furthers Hasura’s goal to activate data wherever it is and to continuously evolve with the industry’s needs as it leverages new types of data sources. It gets users up and running with a production-ready, real-time API in minutes, saving weeks or months of development time.

"The developer experience gap for data-driven apps continues to widen as enterprises are faced with integrating an ever-growing number of data sources," said James Governor, co-founder of RedMonk. "Hasura is designed to address this gap by enabling engineering teams to get up and running with the latest cloud-hosted, custom and legacy data sources to build new APIs and apps quickly."

Additional announcements by Hasura today include:

  • Hasura Cloud Enterprise Availability in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog of software listings that makes it easy to find, test, buy and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), makes Hasura more broadly and easily available to users worldwide. AWS Marketplace is the first cloud marketplace in which Hasura is available. The availability of Hasura Cloud Enterprise in AWS Marketplace makes it easier for customers to increase the speed of development for their own products through GraphQL data APIs.

  • General Availability of Hasura on Google Cloud lets Hasura Cloud and Cloud Enterprise users with databases and other services on Google Cloud create Hasura projects on Google Cloud, reducing egress charges and improving performance due to co-location. Hasura customers using Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) on Google Cloud are now able to peer with their own VPCs, enabling their workloads to communicate internally. This increases security as user traffic remains in the Google Cloud network, never traversing the public internet.

  • Streaming Subscriptions API allows users to build high-performance real-time apps using Hasura, streaming data to their clients in batches and updating data in real-time. This expands on Hasura’s previous real-time API, which is built with a live-query interface.

  • MS SQL Server Event Triggers Support enables users to connect business logic APIs with Hasura to integrate asynchronous backend logic into their applications by calling webhooks on table events such as insert/update/delete for SQL Server data sources. This expands on previous support for Postgres and enables users to connect business logic APIs with Hasura to integrate asynchronous backend logic into their applications.

  • GitHub integration General Availability increases ease of CI/CD pipeline management, reliability and development speed by helping developers move quickly and easily between local development and Hasura Cloud. A preview apps feature (in beta) enables users to quickly test changes to metadata migrations and link to GitHub PRs to automatically deploy with every push.

  • Support for OpenTelemetry Traces in Hasura Cloud and Hasura Enterprise Editions gives customers enhanced observability through traces in the OpenTelemetry format via OpenTelemetry compatible agents and direct connections with APM tools such as New Relic and Dynatrace. This enables them to provide better reliability and end user experiences for their mission-critical applications through rapid problem diagnosis.

"We see the inevitability of data continuing to explode across three fronts – the volume of data, the type of data and the things we’re doing with the data, including transactional, analytical and ML/AI," said Gopal. "Our mission is to be your infrastructure partner as you’re thinking about how to make your organization’s data available and as you’re designing a stack to support next-gen product development and modernization. We do this by helping you activate the data you already have and by ensuring that we’re continuously evolving to support the rapid explosion of use-cases. The innovations announced today are a key step toward achieving that mission."

About Hasura

Hasura is helping to build the modern world of globally relevant, data-driven applications and APIs. Hasura’s range of data access solutions helps organizations accelerate product delivery by instantly connecting data and services to applications with GraphQL APIs. For more information, go to: https://hasura.io or follow @HasuraHQ on Twitter.

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