Hastings Highlands appoints new treasurer, CAO assumes deputy treasurer duties

According to a media release sent out by David Stewart, CAO of the municipality of Hastings Highlands on Sept. 21, there were some staffing changes made at the municipality recently. Tanya Dickinson, the deputy treasurer, was appointed treasurer, while Stewart, who had previously been CAO/treasurer was now taking on the deputy treasurer duties in addition to his CAO responsibilities.

In the Sept. 21 media release sent out by Stewart, Mayor Tracy Hagar announced that Dickinson, as part of Hastings Highlands’ national award-winning succession planning program, had been appointed treasurer. In her new role, she will be responsible for executing the duties of treasurer as set out in the Municipal Act, 2001 and other related legislation, according to Hagar. Dickinson will also function as the chief financial officer of Hastings Highlands and will give strategic advice to the municipal department heads and provide organizational/operational leadership and supervision daily to departmental staff as it pertains to the municipality’s financial activities.

Dickinson had been deputy treasurer with the municipality since December, 2019, and Hagar said that she’d proven to be a valuable member of staff since she arrived.

Dickinson obtained a Bachelor of Arts, Applied Economics (Honours) with professional internship degree from Queens University. Through affiliated organizations like the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario, she intends to pursue her professional development. She will also maintain focus on this continuous improvement for future financial sustainability and teamwork within Hastings Highlands.

Hagar says that council is excited to welcome Dickinson to her new treasurer role.

“Her years of experience already working for the municipality will prove to be valuable for our team,” she says.

Stewart, formerly the CAO/treasurer since 2020, will now hold the position of CAO/deputy treasurer, to ensure continuity with the municipality’s business, particularly when Dickinson is absent from the office.

At their meeting on Sept. 21, council discussed Dickinson’s promotion and Stewart’s assumption of the deputy treasurer duties. Hagar introduced bylaw 2022-066, to appoint Dickinson to her new treasurer role. Councillor Tony Fitzgerald, who moved the motion to pass the bylaw to appoint Dickinson as treasurer.

“She has served an apprenticeship of almost three years under the tutelage of our CAO/treasurer. She has gained valuable experience, knowledge and confidence in this role. I’m quite sure that she will fill this role confidently and professionally,” he says.

After the rest of council congratulated Dickinson and wished her success in her new role, Stewart said a few words.

“Tanya has proven herself to be a huge asset to the municipality. We’re lucky to have somebody like her in this role and I know she’ll do a great job in the position,” he says.

With that comment, council voted and passed bylaw 2022-066, appointing Dickinson as the new treasurer of Hastings Highlands.

Dickinson told The Bancroft Times on Sept. 21 that she was very excited and very grateful for the opportunity.

“To reiterate much of the attached media release, I am excited to enter my new role with a focus on continuous improvement for the future, financial stability and teamwork,” she says. “I look forward to continue working with council, staff, ratepayers and stakeholders to ensure the financial success of the municipality.”

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times