Harmony Korine Set to Launch an 'AGGRO DR1FT' World Tour

Fresh off an exhibition in LA and a Boiler Room set for Art Basel Miami Beach, American filmmaker Harmony Korine is set to take his subversive new film AGGRO DR1FT on a world tour. The movie is part of Korine's new venture EDGLRD, which seeks to blend the worlds of design, skateboarding and video games in a way previously unseen.

Appearing like an infrared dystopia, Korine's latest film follows the life of an assassin and his nemesis, the latter played by Travis Scott. Rather than adhering to any traditional narrative or plot structure, the filmmaker wants the audience to feel a sensory experience, as opposed to analyzing the linearity of the movie, such as his past works. “It’s like a dystopian vision where color becomes like a character in the film," Korine previously said. "It’s almost science fiction, where the world just consists of colors and energy."

EDGLRD’s mission is to reshape the "parameters of cinema in the digital age," noted the collective in a statement. "By utilizing non-traditional venues and incorporating experiential elements, EDGLRD introduces a new approach to moviegoing—one that is about more than just watching a film; it’s about discovering new dimensions of storytelling, offering a one-of-a-kind experience, and redefining the boundaries of cinematic engagement."

Kicking off on April 16 at Elsewhere in Brooklyn, the inaugural leg of the tour will feature a screening of AGGRO DR1FT, along with audiovisuals created by EDGLRD and DJ sets by Korine, Duck Mobb and AraabMuzik. Following the New York show, the tour will make several more stops in London and Tokyo.