A happy ending: SC puppy found in trash has two dozen people asking to give him a home

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Coleman is a two-month-old hound-shepherd mix whose last home was a dumpster in Spartanburg.

He was found there last week by a passerby, just sitting among trash with his dog bed nearby.

Likely, he’s going to find a permanent home by the time the Greenville Humane Society closes Wednesday evening, Rachel Delport, the chief executive officer of the Humane Society, said.

“He is very playful, likes to talk to you, loves all the squeaker toys we have here,” she said.

The Spartanburg County Environmental Enforcement Department began an investigation last Thursday into who put the puppy in the trash at 577 Willis Terrance Road., an apartment complex.

A portrait of Coleman, a two-month-old hound-shepherd mix.
A portrait of Coleman, a two-month-old hound-shepherd mix.

Jamie Nelson, the director of the department, said, “We keep running into roadblocks.”

He said several homes are within sight of the dumpster in addition to the apartment complex. Abandonment or cruelty to animals could be charged if they find a suspect.

Delport said the person likely got an animal they could not care for and made the wrong choice in determining what to do with him.

“It definitely was someone’s puppy,” she said.

Coleman had some fleas but was not underweight or dehydrated. Likely he was not in the dumpster for a long time, Delport said.

He’s had all his shots and after a family is selected from the two dozen or so applications received, he’ll be neutered.

Then, he’ll be ready to go to a real home Thursday.