What Happened to Griselda Blanco's Sons?

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What Happened to Griselda Blanco's Sons?netflix

Netflix’s latest hit show—you can probably guess—is yet another tale of a fallen drug lord: Griselda. The miniseries tells the true story of Griselda Blanco (Sofía Vergara), who is known by many as "The Godmother of Cocaine" Over the course of six episodes, Griselda goes down a twisted path of violence and deceit as Blanco climbs her way to the top of the American drug-trading business. Though Griselda is primarily about Blanco’s rise as a female drug dealer, it also explores her relationship with her children.

In the series, Blanco begins drug trafficking to provide a better life for her family—but her actions ultimately lead to their downfall. Before it all went south, Blanco became a multimillionaire, and her sons—Dixon Trujillo-Blanco, Uber Trujillo-Blanco, Osvaldo Trujillo-Blanco, and Michael Corleone Blanco—enjoyed a glamorous lifestyle. When she is eventually caught and sent to prison, Blanco’s kids are presumably targeted by her enemies. In the series finale, agent June Hawkins tells Blanco that three of her sons have been killed. “Dixon was shot while he was walking to his car,” she says. “Ozzy was in a crowded nightclub. Uber was shot in Colombia as he was making a drug deal.”

In a 2008 feature about Blanco and her career, the Miami News Times confirmed that her eldest sons—Dixon, Uber, and Osvaldo—are all dead. According to the story, "Blanco's three other sons were all murdered, purportedly in retribution for carnage she herself caused." Now, Blanco’s only surviving child is Michael.

Who is Michael Corleone Blanco?

Michael Corleone Blanco is Griselda Blanco’s youngest son. In 2019, he and his wife, Marie, starred VH1 reality series Cartel Crew, which followed the descendants of cartel leaders. In the series, Michael said that he survived two assassination attempts. The show ran for three seasons before it was canceled. Michael currently runs the lifestyle brand Pure Blanco and is suing Netflix and the creators of Griselda for creating a story based on his mother's life—allegedly without his direct involvement.

Michael’s attorney, Benjamin Mordes, spoke to NBC about the lawsuit. “Netflix, as we’ve alleged, is using these ideas that were part of interviews that were memorialized, and writings and notes,” he said. “Nobody else could have those ideas, and nobody else could have those stories.”

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