Hannity Hypes Trump Border Interview IMMEDIATELY After Raging at Biden’s Border Visit

Fox News
Fox News

Sean Hannity on Tuesday launched a breathless attack on President Joe Biden over a planned visit to the U.S.-Mexico border this week.

The trip is “a cynical, sick political stunt by the president and frankly it is beyond disgraceful,” the Fox News host told his viewers, before immediately adding: “And we will be at the border with President Trump on Thursday.”

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The likely respective Democrat and Republican nominees for the 2024 presidential election are both scheduled to be at the southern border in Texas on Thursday. Biden will appear in Brownsville, the White House confirmed this week, while Trump is reportedly heading to Eagle Pass, about 325 miles away.

As Hannity sees it, however, one of those trips is a legitimate, newsworthy event, while the other is inexcusable. He also ranted about how unfair it is of Biden to criticize Republicans over the border—after congressional Republicans blocked the Senate’s bipartisan border bill earlier this month.

“Only now, amidst all of this chaos, all of a sudden, Joe Biden has said ‘the border is secure, the border is closed,’” Hannity fumed. “Now all of a sudden, he’s blaming Republicans, saying, ‘I’ve done all that I can and they won’t help me.’ And now he’s planning to visit the border on Thursday by going to Brownsville in Texas, a reliably blue city deep in south Texas where, by the way, a whopping only 12 people were apprehended trying to cross yesterday.”

Referring to the president, Hannity also bemoaned that “Joe” is going to the border “the same day that President Trump is going.” “But just like in East Palestine, Ohio, where he was a year late and a dollar short, Joe is, what, three years and nearly 10 million unvetted Joe Biden illegal immigrants allowed into our country, coming from countries like Iran and Syria, Egypt and Afghanistan, and yep, China and Russia,” he added.

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