From Hannibal Hector to Batman, here's how Team USA' masks in Tokyo Olympics are grabbing attention

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The ongoing Tokyo Olympics 2021 has given social media plenty to discuss and talk about. From premature celebrations, cardboard beds and even marriage proposals, the mega sporting event has given viewers many surprises. A recent one to join the list is team USA's face masks.

Among the many countries, the US athletes made headlines after they were spotted wearing some bizarre-looking masks during the event. It was on the first night of swimming finals at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics when social media users pointed to the mask design from Team USA.

The design was similar to that of a traditional KN95 mask, that featured an oval shape and diamond prints on them but somehow the size and ridges on the mask made them look a bit different and bizarre.

There were many on social media who were impressed with the design as it had enough space provided around the nose and mouth. While for others, it did not go down well.

As people started commenting over the mask, few compared them to be worn by Hannibal Lecter, a fictional serial killer, and others thought that it was designed after being inspired by Batman's villain.

Check out the image of the mask below:

Meanwhile, according to The New York Times, the masks for Team USA athletes were created by the brand Nike. They were inspired by the Japanese tradition of origami. "The unique origami-inspired pleated design allows for optimal airflow and air volume within the lightweight, mesh mask," a statement from the company revealed.

Due to the pandemic, masks need to be worn by athletes at all Olympic venues both indoors and out.

Here's some hilarious reactions from Twitter users

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