Why this £19 hand cream is worth every penny

Anya Meyerowitz
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Why this £19 hand cream is worth every penny. (Getty Images)
In need of a new hand cream? Here's one I swear by. (Getty Images)

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If you ask beauty editors, perfume experts or just anyone who is achingly cool, what their favourite perfume brand is, they’ll likely list Le Labo in their top three.

Their extraordinarily beautiful scents are instantly recognisable, and never have I received more compliments on the way I smell than when people get a waft of my Le Labo scent as I walk by.

However, it doesn’t come cheap and so I have left my bottles languishing during lockdown, safe in the knowledge that no one on a Zoom call smell me.

But still, Le Labo’s siren call has drawn me back to searching through their products time-and-time again, daydreaming of the days when I will once against spritz myself with their heavenly concoctions.

It was during one such foray down Le Labo Lane, that I came across a product I hadn’t seen before, but one that could be justified even during lockdown - in fact, especially during lockdown.

The first thing you should know about the Le Labo Hinoki Shea Butter Hand Pomade is that it’s £19 which, admittedly, is a rather hefty price for a hand cream.

The second thing you should know is that it is worth every single penny, and more. I would happily pay a great deal for the pleasure of slathering this baby over my hands.

Starring sweet almond, shea and peony root extract to deeply replenish, repair and condition, Le Labo’s incredibly rich (but not greasy) pomade softens even the gnarliest palms (and looks good on your desk, your nightstand or in that odd compartment between the gear stick and the cup holder in your car).

There are two scents to choose from - I opted for Hinoki, which conjures the mystical warmth and hypnotic allure of the resinous wood that is said to suffuse the temples of Japan’s Mount Koya (now high up on my travel list).

The scent - unlike anything I’ve smelt before - lingers on my hands, and consequently my laptop, for hours, and has me letting out a mini sigh every time my fingers brush past my nose.

There is also a basil scent, described as “fresh” and “verdant”, “with a hint of verbena to lend a crisp, citrus-y edge”.

Buy it: Le Labo Hinoki Shea Butter Hand Pomade | £19 from John Lewis

This hand cream has not only offered me nourishment and protection against vigorous washing and hand sanitising, it has also offered me a moment of calm in my day - and a reminder to look after myself.

Yes, it costs £19, but we all deserve to treat ourselves and to me, this hand cream is worth its weight in gold.

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