Halloween Haunts set to return for third year of scares

Halloween Haunts at the Strathmore Agricultural Society grounds will be going ahead this year, but will look a little different than previous renditions.

Christine Scott, who sets up the event alongside the Strathmore and District Agricultural Society, originally posted on Facebook on Sept. 16 that she would not be involved in organizing the event this year.

However, by the end of September she explained that an agreement had been reached and the event would proceed on the grounds for its third year running.

“We decided to change it up a little bit. For the first two years of doing it we have had two mazes, one that would be a little scarier than the other and we would take up the entire 3,000 square feet of space that we had,” said Scott. “This year, we have decided instead of doing two completely separate … we are actually doing one huge maze. Guests will basically purchase one ticket, but it will grant access to just the one maze versus having to buy two different tickets.”

Prior to working with the Ag Society, Scott had operated a small-scale haunt out of her home for the better part of a decade before deciding to create a larger event.

The plan for this year alongside the larger maze is to transform the Ag Society grounds into a sort of Halloween town and attract more people than ever before.

Activities on site will include pumpkin carving, a trick-or-treating area and a beer garden, among others. As of Sept. 30, Scott said many of the details were still being finalized.

“It is the feedback that we have been getting that really makes it worth wanting to do. I initially had gone to the Ag Society with my idea two years ago, looking to rent a space because I had been doing it out of my home and I wanted to extend,” said Scott. “To see the difference in the two years with me approaching them and going with it, even from last year it has grown so much. I see a lot more growth for it and it’s going to be very exciting.”

Going forward with the event and already thinking into future years, Scott said she hopes Strathmore’s Halloween Haunts continues to grow and become a staple on Halloween for the local community.

“I’m hoping to do a sort of cabaret or costume contest eventually, there are so many different possibilities like a scavenger hunt or fireworks. There are nothing but opportunities with it,” said Scott.

The event will be operating from Oct. 28 to 30, and tickets have been made available for purchase as of Oct. 1.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times