Halloween Decorations That'll Thrill Your Trick-Or-Treaters

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Half the fun of trick-or-treaters visiting your home is seeing everyone’s clever or adorable costumes. The other half is Halloween decorations. If you prefer conjuring up some spooky hocus-pocus to simply setting out a few pumpkins, have we got some gadgets for you: Set the mood with these lights and fog machines, crank up the creepy sounds and let some motion-sensor props send a thrill or chill up the spine of everyone who comes to your door. Even if you don’t go full haunted house, they’ll appreciate the atmosphere and effort.

(You may be wondering if Home Depot’s 12-foot skeleton is back this year after becoming the must-have item over Halloween 2020. A rep for Home Depot told us that although the skeleton is already sold out online for 2021, some people may be able to find it in their local store. And they recommend this 7-foot-tall flame-filled animatronic inferno reaper, among others, if not.)

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