HakDefNet International Unveils New Feature on Its Social Network Shaman App for Detecting Deep Fake Content and Toxic People on Social Media

Bramsche, Germany--(Newsfile Corp. - December 7, 2022) - Germany-based cyber risk intelligence consulting and analyst company HakDefNet International expands its Social Network Shaman App capabilities with a new feature. The feature introduces new tools to detect deep fake content and malicious users on social media. The App was developed to help active social media users protect themselves from cyber threats on social networks and identify planned propaganda and risk-prone posts one might encounter while surfing the internet. The app's new feature is a classification tool that analyzes text, image, audio and video content on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find whether they are genuine.

Subscribers of the Social Network Shaman App can access this new feature from the "learn" tab on the app and alternatively by logging into the classification feature's URL with their registered details. This new tool is aimed at curbing the surge in deep fakes and false news circulating on social networks. It also seeks to tackle the rising widespread concerns surrounding the rate of attacks people receive via social media platforms. The feature uses machine learning algorithms to group individuals and groups who post tweets, comments, images, audio and videos into 6 categories. The algorithm achieves this by comparing the posts to keywords HakDefNet has identified as toxic. These include hate speech terms and fake news. The platform then groups the negative posts into non-toxic, toxic, toxic-obscene-insult, toxic-obscene, toxic-insult and toxic-identity-hate categories.

"We analyze the number of negative, suspicious and normal social media posts that people have published. The results are then relayed in percentages. For users with a high percentage of toxic posts, we often recommend flagging them as an adversary or someone that should be paid attention to," Michael Goedeker, CEO and founder of HakDefNet International stated.

Deep fakes can be identified in a seamless manner with this feature. This is achieved by logging into the platform, uploading the audio, videos and images, and then clicking on the "submit query" option. The application then evaluates the content and displays the findings on the screen, highlighting their authenticity. Commenting on the App's new feature, Michael Goedeker added, "We're not an espionage company that's trying to lift information through a data sieve, nor do we use illegal servers connected to social media platforms. Instead, we use authorized frameworks that are allowed to interface with social networks. Essentially, the new feature serves as a firewall for social media. We built it to help users identify negative people they can proactively block on social media."

About HakDefNet International
HakDefNet International is headquartered in Bramsche, Germany and was founded in 2016 by Michael Goedeker. They specialize in the research and development of IT security systems and cybersecurity consultancy services. Their offerings guard against cyber threats and corporate espionage with their high-level risk intelligence tools. Their services entail providing risk management and analysis for their clientele base centered on their social media usage. HakDefNet solutions include Virt-CISO for curbing cyber threats and a DNS analyzer for instantaneous information on imminent threats. One of their products is the Social Network Shaman App, designed to educate and equip its subscribers with tools to protect them from cyber threats while surfing social media platforms.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Michael Goedeker
Email: mike@hakdefnet.org

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