Haiti’s Private Sector Signs Proclamation to Support Political Transition and Economic Stability

This unprecedented move from leading actors in the private sector from around the country to address the dire humanitarian crisis and stimulate economic growth.

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, December 09, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today marks a historic decision among Haiti’s private sector, where leading private sector actors from around the country are uniting with the goal of transforming the country’s reality. Led by Haiti’s Chamber of Commerce, this is the first time that the country’s private sector acts as one.

Over the past decade, Haiti has struggled to find economic and political stability, currently facing spreading gang violence that greatly impacts the country’s ability to provide sustainable jobs for its citizens.

Through the newly minted Alliance for Change, composed of leading business and entrepreneurial associations from around the country, nine Chambers of Commerce and 13 businesspeople are mobilizing stakeholders from across public, private, and international institutions toward a new era of economic prosperity for the country.

Through this proclamation, the Alliance will take the following concrete steps:

  1. Launch an immediate and intensive program of reforms of international business practices that ensure a) transparent practices, b) rational and transparent use of public funds, and c) strict application of the law to fight corruption with impunity.

  2. Cooperate to develop and present a political, humanitarian and economic roadmap towards a new Haiti, including the development of a Strategic Economic and Social Development Plan (SESDP) to a) attract foreign direct investment, b) create sustainable jobs and wealth, c) restore quality basic services to all sections of our population, and d) restore hope, especially to young people.

  3. Contribute to significant reforms in public institutions, aiming to promote free enterprise, fair and equitable competition, direct investment, competitiveness, social inclusion and economic growth.

  4. Commit to support the return of political stability and security as well as the implementation of the Strategic Economic and Social Development Plan (SESDP) by the State.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the West president, Laurent Saint-Cyr, explains, "On behalf of Haiti’s private sector, I’m proud that we are taking the concrete steps to put Haiti on a path to prosperity that restores the power of institutions, builds trust with Haitians and with the international community." He continues, "This is a monumental move for Haiti’s business community that’s committing to provide sustained and transformational opportunities for our country."

By signing this proclamation, the Alliance for Change shows its commitment to a strong, economically independent, and politically stable Haiti. The new union of the private sector looks to usher in a new and brighter future for Haiti.

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Jessica Armado