Hailey Bieber Makes a Great Case for Leaving a Big Chunk of Hair Out of Your Updo

Anyone who's ever had shorter-than-shoulder-length hair knows an undeniable, universal truth: If you try to put your hair up, whether in a ponytail or a more formal updo, it's not all gonna get in there. If the style is high-set on your head, you'll probably experience what I like to call back bangs (when the shortest pieces against your neck have no chance of being included in the elastic or clip), and if it's low, you're gonna end up with some free-spirited loose pieces up front. Hailey Bieber is subject to the same laws of physics as the rest of us, so she goes through this aggravation, too — but her latest updo proves that she makes those omitted strands look good.

Bieber was seen on Monday, August 28, kicking off the week like so many of us do: changing her outfit and hair multiple times while jetting around New York City with Justin Bieber in tow. (So relatable.) As the model and entrepreneur made appearances on different talk shows, she was seen wearing her lob down and sleek with both an off-the-shoulder red midi dress and a white mini dress. But when she was spotted in yet another dress — a different red one, this time a strapless mini — her hair was swept up into a side-parted chignon.

And because that chignon was farther back on her head, the front of Bieber's short style couldn't quite join the bun party. Instead, it created its own VIP section: a big ol' chunky tendril with an astoundingly clean line of demarcation separating it from the pulled-back hair. A supertendril, if you will.

Hailey Bieber wearing a strapless red dress and sunglasses

Hailey Bieber August 2023

Hailey Bieber wearing a strapless red dress and sunglasses
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<h1 class="title">Hailey Bieber</h1><cite class="credit">Getty Images</cite>

Hailey Bieber

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When I attempted this kind of look in my shorter-hair days, it always managed to look like a mistake or an oversight. Not Bieber, though — she made what was ostensibly a shortcoming (literally) into what anyone would easily believe is an on-purpose exclusion of that front piece. Hell, maybe it was intentional. Either way, it leaves the rest of us with no excuse to not feel confident in the coolness of a random piece of hair left out of our updos.

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