Haggart Plumbers Completes Acquisition Of Postcode Plumbers

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Haggart Plumbers
Haggart Plumbers

The renowned Plumbing Company In Edinburgh now set to expand services into East Lothian

Edinburgh, Scotland, July 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Haggart Plumbers, the leading Plumbing Company In Edinburgh has acquired another renowned name in the business – Postcode Plumbers and is now set to expand its services into the East Lothian region.

Haggart Plumbers came into being in 1903 with the aim of raising the bar for plumbing services for the people of Edinburgh and surrounding areas. It has consistently done that for over a century by staying committed to its promise of quality services while updating them in keeping with the latest technologies and standards in the field. The Gas Safe registered company has a 99.9% customer satisfaction rate, which speaks volumes about the quality of services it is known to deliver.

Edinburgh Plumbers
Edinburgh Plumbers

Haggart Plumbers

Postcode Plumbers, on the other hand, have been the biggest plumbing company in East Lothian since 1999. They have earned the trust of clients on the back of impeccable plumbing solutions and solid customer support. The acquisition has brought together two powerhouses in the industry that are steeped in history and known to be pioneers in the field. It also allows the leading Plumbing Company In Edinburgh the opportunity to serve a wider clientele in the East Lothian region.

After all, Haggart Plumbers have become the one-stop plumbing service that people require, ranging from water leaks and boiler issues to damaged drains. Its highly skilled and trusted plumbers can effectively handle any task including boiler installation, boiler repair, boiler service, and drainage repairs. The company has access to four vans and has invested in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that clients get the best services for emergency plumbing needs at the right time.

With the acquisition of Postcode Plumbers, Haggart Plumbers can now bring these renowned services to clients in the East Lothian region. The acquisition has resulted in some changes including a new domain name for the company. As its new website will be published in July 2022, it will move from the familiar address of https://www.haggartplumbers.co.uk/ to https://haggartplumbers.com/. This is where the https://www.postcodeplumbers.com - website will be directed as well.

Haggart Plumbers will be available on the primary Edinburgh phone number of 0131 447 2656 and will also use the Postcode Plumbers, East Lothian number 01620 84 3000. However, Postcode Plumbers Edinburgh number will be phased out in a year’s time. The top Plumbing Company In Edinburgh will have its logo and colors on the website and the vans that will be operated across the region. While there are these changes, what remains constant is the quality of services offered by the company.

Haggart Plumbers promises that there will be no disruption of services as the transition is smooth, and brings forth the best of the two companies for customers in Edinburgh as well as East Lothian areas.

About Haggart Plumbers

Established in 1903, the professional company has become the go-to name for people of Edinburgh for all their plumbing, heating and drainage needs.


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Haggart Plumbers
Haggart Plumbers

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