Gymfinity Kids clubs chain seeks to triple venues after £5m cash boost

Gymnastic clubs and nurseries business Gymfinity Kids has secured a £5 million cash injection to supercharge plans to more than triple in size over the next three years.

The company was launched by PureGym founder Peter Roberts in 2017 to “promote the physical and mental wellbeing of children” and now operates from eight sites.

The Milton Keynes-based firm offers gymnastics and Ninja Knights – a mixture of non-contact martial arts and parkour – classes led by expert coaches, as well as holiday camps and birthday parties.

Gymfinity Kids has said it plans to grow to at least 24 venues as part of its growth strategy.

Gymfinity Kids clubs after a range of classes for children (Gymfinity Kids/PA)

In the short term, the group said it will open a number of new clubs over the next 12 months and is reviewing options for international franchising.

The new fundraising included investment from existing management as well as third party investors.

Mr Roberts said: “We founded Gymfinity Kids with a distinctive offering, proposition and facilities in an industry that, like the gym sector 15 years ago, is not very consumer friendly.

“I am delighted with our progress, particularly given the challenges presented by the global pandemic.

“Children’s mental and physical wellbeing has never been more important and is the driver behind our purpose of laying the foundations for a happier, healthier nation.

“The investor interest we received reflects the quality of the team we have assembled, the business we have built and opportunity we see.”

Managing director Jacques De Bruin said: “The business has made good progress in a challenging five years with lengthy closures due to Covid.

“We have, over that period, expanded conservatively whilst refining our distinctive proposition and focussed on the families we welcome daily into our clubs and nurseries.

“We know how important being active is and have worked hard to make Gymfinity Kids a really fun and exciting place for children’s development.”