Gwyneth Paltrow reveals 'weirdest wellness thing' she's ever done: Rectal ozone therapy

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Gwyneth Paltrow revealed the "weirdest" thing she's done in pursuit of wellness.

The Oscar-winning actress, who is also the CEO and founder of the lifestyle brand Goop, opened up about the strangest wellness activity she's participated in during her appearance on the podcast "The Art of Being Well."

"I have used ozone therapy, rectally," Paltrow said in a clip shared to podcast network Dear Media's TikTok when asked by host Will Cole for the "weirdest wellness thing" she's done.

"It's pretty weird," Paltrow continued, laughing. "But it's been very helpful."

Paltrow, who has drawn scrutiny in the past for her unconventional health and wellness practices, also spoke on the podcast about what it's like to feel misunderstood and judged for her lifestyle choices.

"For years, it still hurts your feelings," she said. "I just let it go, because I realized you're never, ever going to be able to win everybody over. And the pursuit of trying to win somebody over is so awful."

According to the ozone therapy website, rectal insufflation ozone therapy involves "the administration of medical grade ozone directly into the colon via the rectum." The goal of the therapy is to boost oxygen efficiency, balance the immune system, reduce oxidative stress, improve blood circulation and "detoxify the body on a cellular level," the website claims.

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Paltrow has drawn criticism for her non-traditional health practices, including from the chief executive of Britain's National Health Service. Following the 2020 release of Paltrow's Netflix docuseries "The goop lab with Gwyneth Paltrow,” then-NHS chief Simon Stevens criticized her brand for promoting untested treatments.

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