Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Unwanted Defense From O.J. Simpson

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Reuters
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Reuters

Gwyneth Paltrow’s ongoing ski accident trial has captured the attention of an unexpected commentator, who himself has extensive experience in a courtroom setting: O.J. Simpson, who took to social media Wednesday morning to weigh in on the saga.

In his preferred posting medium of video uploaded to Twitter, Simpson shared that years ago, he, like Paltrow, had gotten into a couple of scrapes at Deer Valley, the resort where the contested collision between the actress and retiree Terry Sanderson took place in 2016.

“I was watching today, I saw the run that their accident happened on, it was the same run that my accidents happened [on] at Deer Valley, and I don’t know how you can determine whose fault it was,” Simpson said. “I crashed with the same woman twice on one run, and if you ask me, it was her fault and I’m sure if you asked her, it was my fault. I’m just saying, it’s part of skiing.”

This morning, Simpson said, he’d been scrolling through the news when he'd happened upon coverage of Paltrow’s trial.

“I’m thinking, ‘Yeah, Deer Valley got some pretty narrow runs,’” Simpson said. “I had a friend named Alan and he owned a couple properties up there, so Nicole and I, we went skiing up there.”

Simpson is, of course, referring to his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, whose brutal 1994 murder he was acquitted of committing a year later at the culmination of the ‘Trial of the Century.’

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“I’m flying down this run, and at the last minute, this lady is kind of turning from my left and she comes all the way kind of across, and we crash and we both go down,” Simpson said, “We kind of looked at each other, ‘Are you all right?’ And she said ‘Yeah, I’m all right,’ she asked me if I was all right, and we were pretty congenial as we got our stuff together, kind of chuckled about it, you know, ‘Watch out! Be careful.’ She leaves, and Nicole or Alan came up, and we talked a little bit, and we take off again.”

“Right before we get to the bottom of the run, I could see this person on my right making this big sweeping turn, and I said, ‘There’s no way this person is gonna come right in front of me,’ and bam! We hit again. Turns out it’s the same girl, and we weren’t as congenial this time.”

“Deer Valley is classy, it’s a beautiful place, [but] I never went back, mainly because I didn’t like the runs,” Simpson continued. “I thought they were real narrow, certainly far narrower than most of the places that I went skiing. But accidents happen skiing, I don’t know how you could try to sue anybody for crashes on a ski slope. You see it all the time.”

Simpson also shared an anecdote about watching Robert Kardashian skiing directly into a tree in Aspen. “I’m gonna be honest,” he added. “I don’t know if Bob ever went skiing after that.”

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