Guy Fieri, The Self-Proclaimed 'King Of Condiments,' Just Released 9 New Sauces

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Guy Fieri Says You Shouldn't Settle For MayoGetty Images / Flavortown

Guy Fieri is no stranger to big flavor (he is the Mayor of Flavortown, after all). But now, the self-proclaimed "king of condiments" is bringing an entire new lineup of Flavortown sauces to the market, so you can level up your own dishes.

"I [wanted] to make sauces that taste like we made them in my kitchen, put 'em in a bottle, and gave them to people," Fieri tells Delish. "I don't want to do this [in a] massive, produced and generic [way]. I want [all the sauces] to have their own identity. I want them all to have a use and a reason and a why."

With this mission in mind, Fieri dreamt up 20 sauce recipes before later pairing down that number to the nine remaining flavors set to arrive on shelves this month. The lineup includes his Famous Donkey Sauce, Top Secret Sauce, Poppin’ Jalapeño Sauce, Mop BBQ Sauce, and more.

"The idea is to bring big flavor," he says. "If I’m the Mayor of Flavortown, the king of condiments, I need to be delivering that."

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Fieri doesn't call himself the "king of condiments" without reason, either. In fact, he's a "sauce fanatic" who has two fridges at his home just to store all his favorites, including ranch and blue cheese. "My family lives out of one fridge, and then all my condiments and sauces and everything I use to cook with goes in the other."

And while it was impossible for him to choose just one favorite—because it's like "choosing a favorite child"—Fieri was quick to call out his Famous Donkey Sauce. And he was just as quick to throw mayo under the bus.

"Don’t settle for mayonnaise. If you’re going to put that on your sandwich, go to the next level," Fieri said. "We love flavor in this country. We just continue to push the boundaries of flavor, and that’s what [our] Donkey Sauce is about. Mayonnaise is essentially adding moisture to a sandwich. Why just settle for oil and egg? Let’s get some mustard, let’s get something garlic, let’s get some worcestershire, some lemon, some pepper. Let’s really take this to the next level. Do you want to listen to the song with one speaker or do you want to sit there with a whole sound system?"

As for whether the sauces will make a special appearance at his son's "star-studded" wedding, Guy was quick to confirm that yes, they'll be part of the menu in some capacity.

"Oh [the sauces] will be there for sure," he said. "It’s who’s cooking for the wedding is the big question. We have so many aunts and uncles that are all of our super chef friends... [but] there will be sauces."

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