Gunmen have shot up Arlington home 4 times in 3 weeks for reasons unknown, police say

Jack Howland
·2 min read

Police are searching for the individuals who, for reasons unknown, have shot up the same house in south Arlington four times within two and a half weeks, sending hails of bullets through walls and one of the victims’ vehicles.

No one has been injured in the four separate incidents, the most recent of which occurred Monday, according to Tim Ciesco, an Arlington police spokesman. The homeowners have been at home each time, Ciesco said in an email on Thursday, and have stated to police they don’t know who could be targeting them.

The investigation has yielded some results, with detectives building “solid leads that we believe will help us identify those responsible and make arrests,” Ciesco said. He couldn’t be more specific on the details of the investigation, he said, since it’s ongoing.

South patrols have additionally made extra efforts to monitor the neighborhood, given the number of times the home has been targeted, Ciesco said.

The shootings have occurred four times between March 19 and Monday at a home in the 800 block of Medina Drive. Each time, an unknown suspect or suspects have fired multiple shots at the home before fleeing, Ciesco said.

There weren’t many leads to go on following the first three incidents, Ciesco said. Witnesses couldn’t provide descriptions of the suspects, he said, and police were unable to locate security footage that captured what happened.

But after the most recent incident on Monday, Ciesco said, detectives were able to develop the promising leads.

One of the homeowners told KXAS-TV a newly installed security camera captured the Monday night shooting. A video provided to the station shows two people, whose faces are obscured due to the darkness, opening fire in the street before running away.

He has lived in the home for about a dozen years with his 85-year-old mother, he told KXAS-TV, and has no idea why someone keeps targeting them. He noted to the station he is Muslim.

Video from KXAS-TV shows bullet holes in brick walls and a car windshield. The family has tried to sleep in the back of home, away from where the bullets have passed through exterior walls, according to KXAS-TV.

The man told the station, however, “We’ve gotten no sleep in almost two weeks.”