Guinness Record-Setting Batman Cosplay Suit Features an Insane Number of Working Gadgets

As once again evidenced by this past summer’s San Diego Comic-Con, there are few things fanboys and girls love more than dressing up as their favorite horror, sci-fi, videogame and genre-related characters. In terms of sheer detail, complexity and functionality, however, none can quite hold a candle to f/x specialist and longtime cosplayer Julian Checkley, whose unbelievably realistic Batman suit just earned itself a place in the record books.

In the new Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition video, Checkley is awarded the distinction of “Most functional gadgets on a cosplay suit” for his Dark Knight get-up, which in terms of its style, is modeled after those featured in Rocksteady’s immensely popular Batman Arkham videogames. How did he nab that accolade? By outfitting his costume with an astonishing 23 gadgets, all of which work as advertised. Those include:

  1. Bat Shuriken

  2. Folding Batarang

  3. Ultrasonic Anti Dog Device

  4. Bat-cam

  5. Laser Designator

  6. Gauntlet Flashlight

  7. Ball Bearing Grenades x2

  8. Medi-kit Pneumatic

  9. Strobe Stun Gun

  10. UV Lamp

  11. Smoke Bombs x2

  12. The Bat Flask

  13. Fireball Shooter

  14. Gauntlet Video Screens x2

  15. Battery Pack

  16. Bat Tracking Beacon

  17. Cowl Respirator

  18. Tranquilizer Gun

  19. Gas Dispenser

  20. Bat Sign Projector

  21. GrapnelGun

  22. Concealed Laryngeal Microphone

  23. Two-way Radio

What this means is that Checkley is now officially ready to start grapnel-gunning across metropolitan skylines and combatting outrageously cartoonish villains with grenades, smoke bombs and a fireball shooter (which you can see in action here) — as well as then celebrating his success with a post-battle nip from the Bat Flask.

You can check out Checkley’s Guinness title-holding suit in the above video. And you can see even more of his amazing Caped Crusader cosplay here. (Via Mashable)