Gucci's Twinsburg Show at Milan Fashion Week Featured Gremlins and a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Song

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Seeing double, but make it fashion.

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Before its big Milan Fashion Week show, Gucci teased its new collection with a Rorschach test on Instagram. And while guests (virtual and in-person alike) knew that the collection would be called Twinsburg, not many people could have expected Creative Director Alessandro Michele to send every look out on the runway twice — and the second time, each ensemble was modeled by a set of twins.

Gucci posted a video of the show after it streamed live and Michele spoke about how he wanted to look at the "illusion of a cracked symmetry" in twins and called being a twin "magic."

“Fashion, after all, lives on serial multiplications that don’t hamper the most genuine expression of every possible individuality,” he said.

The show included Gucci's usually eccentric styling and over-the-top accessories. This time, Michele gave models plush Gremlin toys to carry in their hands and had a few peeking out of bags. The iconic characters also featured on a maxi skirt (which came out in a pair during the final walk, of course).

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The show also included an homage to another very famous set of twins: the Olsens. During the show, a somewhat ominous voice boomed in lieu of a soundtrack. It was actually the lyrics from the 1992 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen song “Identical Twins.” 

Michele dedicated the show to his "twin mums" with a lengthy thank-you note on Instagram, which read, "To my twin mums, that were able to comprehend life only through the presence of the other."

Gucci's paid homage to Stanley Kubrick with its most recent ad campaign and has been dialing up its star power lately. Earlier this summer, the storied Italian house released a collection with Harry Styles called Ha Ha Ha and enlisted Billie Eilish to model its latest eyewear collection, Complex reports.