Groom-to-be sparks debate after asking bride to shorten honeymoon for his friend’s bachelor party

A groom-to-be has sparked a debate after telling his bride that he wants to leave their honeymoon early to go to a friend’s bachelor party.

In a recent Reddit post shared to the popular “Wedding” subreddit, the soon-to-be bride asked if she was “overreacting” for being upset about the situation with her honeymoon. She started the post by explaining how surprised she was when her partner asked to cut their trip short.

“My fiancé is wanting to cut our honeymoon short so he can attend his best friend’s bachelor party. I can’t seem to get over the fact that he would rather leave earlier on our honeymoon to attend a bachelor party,” the woman wrote. “I am having a hard time understanding and just genuinely really upset by it.”

While she didn’t specify when their honeymoon is and how much her partner wants to shorten it, she did note that she’s also going to be at his friend’s wedding.

“We are both attending the wedding too so it’s not like he’s missing the big day. We’ve explained both of our POV but are just stuck not seeing eye to eye,” she concluded.

The post prompted mixed reactions in the comments, with some people defending the bride-to-be and saying that they’d also be upset if their partner wanted to shorten the honeymoon.

“You are not overreacting. I would be concerned about anyone who was not looking forward to being with their new spouse on their honeymoon. Does he really get what he’s doing by getting married? It sounds like he has the priorities of a single man,” one wrote.

“I would expect my new husband to put our honeymoon first and not want to go to a bachelor party. It’s called being a mature man with his priorities straight,” another wrote. “This task of his is juvenile.”

A third asked: “Why is his bachelor party happening when his best friend is on his honeymoon?”

Multiple people went on to ask for more context about the situation, with questions about how long the honeymoon initially was and when the bachelor party was first planned. However, they still said that there could be some compromise between the couple, acknowledging how important the friend’s bachelor party could be to the groom-to-be.

“I have friends that I’m extremely close to and I would probably move around our honeymoon to be able to support them at their bachelorette party (within reason),” one wrote. “My friends and I have been dreaming about our weddings/wedding activities forever and I would be super upset to miss any part of it.”

“I know you are feeling betrayed but trust me let this feeling go, cause your husband will remember this and it’s not worth the sweat,” another agreed. “Also it’s a core memory for him to be spending time with his best friend as a single man. I know you’d do it for your best friend too.”

“You can always schedule your honeymoon for later. It doesn’t have to be directly after the night you get married. Obviously, talk it out with each other,” a third added. “My fiancé and I aren’t going on our honeymoon until 26 March. We are getting married on 25 October. We want to have some time to plan and enjoy ourselves vs rushing right into it.”