Grey's Anatomy recap: Addison Montgomery is back

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Typically when Dr. Montgomery (Kate Walsh) graces Seattle with her presence, Grey's Anatomy fans are all mesmerized by this remarkable woman's ability to practice medicine in a little black dress wearing four-inch heels. However, this time, Addison arrives disheveled and exhausted with a messy bun instead of an immaculate ponytail.

Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is concerned at first. She proudly asked Addison to come to the clinic to teach OBGYN residents from various states who restrict practices on abortion care. Unfortunately, wherever Addison goes, the press follows. And picketers.

It's nothing the clinic hasn't seen before until a dozen angry people continue to multiply. Chief Teddy (Kim Raver) is called when the numbers reach triple digits, which becomes a safety issue for the patients inside. Especially when a brick with the words "Murder Montgomery" flies through the glass window and hits Kwan (Harry Shum Jr.) in the head.

One of the out-of-state residents immediately takes the blame. She posted on social media that she would be working in Seattle with the amazing Addison Montgomery, and now they are all trapped inside. Yasuda (Midori Francis), who is treating Kwan for a concussion, implores the woman to stay. She must keep it her mission to stay and fight the fight.


Eric McCandless/ABC Kate Walsh, Chandra Wilson, Camilla Luddington, and Stefania Spampinato on 'Grey's Anatomy'

The woman adores Addison for her bravery and spunk. This is the same doctor we find crouched in a closet, crying in Bailey's arms because she fears for her life every day. Her phone number and home address are everywhere. Her mobile clinic was vandalized. Her husband and son had to move into his sister's home. They are wearing Addison down, but they won't break her.

Bailey returns to the clinic to help Jo (Camilla Luddington), Carina (Stefania Spampinato), Kwan, Yasuda, and a few other doctors welcome a baby into the world. That's right, it only took seven of them to get the job done! When a very pregnant woman joined her best friend to have an abortion, her water broke, and all plans for the posh delivery experience went straight out the window. She had a joyful playlist, for crying out loud!

Cue Bailey's clear voice singing the ever-familiar opening lines of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," with hilarious backup from her fellow medical staff. Kwan's baritone of gentle "wemowehs" was an excellent touch. This particular musical styling was just the comic relief Addison needed to return to the frontline again.

Meanwhile, back in the main hospital, Teddy has to navigate a ripple effect from the crisis over at the clinic. Since the protesters won't allow patients into the clinic, they've all commandeered the regular hospital. Refusing to turn them away, Teddy works with Schmitt (Jake Borelli), Link (Chris Carmack), and Richard (James Pickens Jr.) to create a system that will help everyone in need by utilizing the ER.

It's a good thing Owen (Kevin McKidd) isn't there to cramp her style with his old-timey ways. Now that he's in charge of trauma again, he's asked the nurses to return to his antiquated filing system. Luckily, before he asks them to dig out his old Rolodex, a patient who has been hit by a car comes in.


Liliane Lathan/ABC Anthony Hill and Kevin McKidd on 'Grey's Anatomy'

That patient is named RJ, and sadly, he is the man Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Nick (Scott Speedman) have been waiting on for hours. RJ is his girlfriend Jessica's lung donor. Owen rushes to the OR to save his life. Winston (Anthony Hill) follows to try and save his lungs.

Nick and Maggie, along with the help of a very distracted Adams (Niko Terho), must figure out a way to buy Jessica some time while RJ has an operation. Clearly, she's not getting a lung today. While they wait for scans to come up on the monitor, Nick confesses to Maggie that he hasn't heard much from Meredith. P.S.: He told Meredith he loved her, and she pretended not to hear. Ouch. Maggie begs Nick not to give up on Meredith and leaves.

It's touch and go for RJ, but after Winston performs the fastest lung repair known to man, RJ pulls out of the surgery with his lungs intact. Jessica is able to see him, Owen praises Winston for being a rock star, and Nick assures Adams that he wasn't asked to come to Grey Sloan because Meredith is his aunt. All is well. Sort of.

Teddy receives an A+ from Richard for maintaining a chiefly stance in a time of chaos. Griffin pushes her wedding up to next month. Something tells me that isn't going to happen after the way she looked at Adams earlier in the day.

And then there's Addison. After coming to the rescue with the clinic baby during a slight complication in the delivery, the staff exits the building cautiously. No protesters are in sight. The resident who posted the social media post fan girls with Addison as she crosses the street, and that's when we see the oncoming car.

The driver guns in the direction of the two women. Bailey screams for them to move, but it's too late. Addison valiantly tries to pull the girl out of the way, but the car hits both of them. Instead of joyful singing, we hear Bailey screaming for someone to help her friend, lying still on the ground.

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