Greek Fans, Get Excited! Spencer Grammer Says She Would Love to Do a Reboot

Kelsey Grammer in 2022
Kelsey Grammer in 2022

Spencer Grammer

It's been 11 years since Spencer Grammer starred as sorority sister Casey Cartwright on the beloved TV show Greek, but she says she would return to it (in some capacity) in a heartbeat if there were a revival.

"I would totally do another one," she tells PEOPLE of the ABC Family dramedy about life among sororities and fraternities at a major university. "Are you kidding? It would be so fun," she says.

Grammer, 39, who has since voiced the character of Summer Smith in Rick & Morty for the past nine years, and is currently starring in the Lifetime holiday movie The 12 Days of Christmas Eve, says the key to a successful reboot is getting the original gang back together.

"I think it just has to be the right story," she says. "I think it has to be done really well, and I think you have to get everybody on board. That's the thing that's going to be hard. But if you pay everybody enough, they'll do it."

Grammer says she looks back on Greek as the role that truly changed her life. "I feel like that was really the opportunity that launched me into so many of the other opportunities that I've had," she says. "It was really the moment that I knew I could make a career of this crazy acting job. We also did the show for so many years. Honestly, we did 76 episodes of that show, which is staggering."


ABC/Everett Grammer and the rest of her Greek cast in 2016

Grammer, who's the daughter of Frasier star Kelsey Grammer (her costar in The 12 Days of Christmas Eve) notes that though Greek changed her career path, it didn't actually change her day-to-day that much.

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"I mean, I am very different than that character in real life," she says. "So I didn't get recognized that often. I was playing the All-American girl next door, but all my life I've really been more of a goth chick." It also helped that she and her costars weren't posting their every move online.

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"We didn't really have social media," she says. "Instagram started when we were finishing out last season, basically. So we missed that whole kind of famous thing. I think that for me, my private life is different than my public life, and I think a lot of people now, your private and your public life are one and the same."

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