The Great British Sewing Bee crowns youngest ever winner

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Medical student Serena Baker has been crowned winner of The Great British Sewing Bee.

The show’s youngest contestant, who was 21 at the time of filming, triumphed in the final episode to be named became Britain’s Best Amateur Sewer of 2021.

Baker continually impressed judges Esme Young and Patrick Grant through the competition, excelling at challenges including a buffet dress, paper bag shorts, a button-down sundress, a baker boy cap, a unisex children’s raincoat and a baby romper.

Serena Baker (Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/BBC)
Serena Baker (Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/BBC)

She defeated fellow finalists Raphael and Rebecca in the last episode of the series, in which they had to make a girl’s bridesmaid dress, attempt to turn homeware such as cushions, bead curtains and table cloths into dramatic and fun outfits fit to wear at a summer festival and finally construct and fit glamorous off-the-shoulder evening gowns for their models.

She said: “When they announced that I was the winner I could hardly believe it. I was totally overwhelmed and it was so much to take in.

“It had been an intense 10 weeks, but mostly I felt just really happy and proud of myself.

“There were a few tears, but they were happy tears. I was high on happiness!”

The class of 2021 (Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/BBC)
The class of 2021 (Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/BBC)

She added: “I am so proud of everything that I have done. I made things that I never thought I would ever be able to make and learn things about myself. It’s been life-changing basically, it’s just been amazing.”

Baker is the youngest contestant to win the show, as well as the first winner from Scotland, and she said: “I have had a lot of support from Scotland, and I feel so excited to bring the trophy home to Scotland, I hope I have made the country proud.

“Also, I hope it proves that sewing can be a hobby for everyone, it used to be associated with older ladies, so I hope I have inspired younger people to start sewing. Rebecca is young too so that’s another inspiration – and Raph will definitely inspire men to sew.”

Young showered Baker’s work in praise, telling her: “I have this thing about really, really talented sewers. They have fairy dust that they throw over the garment and it doesn’t look like it has been touched by a human hand. And that’s what your sewing is like.”