'The Great British Baking Show' Is Being Made Into A Musical

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We here at Delish are quite familiar with The Great British Baking Show. We watch it religiously, and always get so pumped each week when episodes drop during the seasons. We love the banter and affection between the contestants, the bits of quick wit from Noel and Matt, and the considerate criticisms from Prue and Paul. It's the reason we come back every season. The show is the perfect combination of competition meets nostalgia meets rom-com-esque vibes. And doesn't all that sound like the makings of a good musical?

Well, consider our wishes granted, because GBBS is becoming a musical!! I'll give you a minute to stop screaming...

Okay, now that you're breathing again, let me tell you the details. Great British Bake Off: The Musical is set to premiere in Cheltenham in the U.K. this summer. It will be a comedy, obvs, that follows the journey of eight amateur bakers who try to bake their way to success by impressing the judges. The music will be all original, and there will be two judges and two presenters.

According to a synopsis on the website of the Everyman Theatre, where the musical is set to premiere, we can "expect heart-warming characters, ounces of laughter, and mouth-watering music in this brand-new and original British musical, suitable for the whole family." Tickets are currently available from Friday, July 22 to Saturday, August 6th, but we have a sneaking suspicion they may sell out. Now the only question we have is can we expect to see Paul Hollywood grace us with his musical talents? Hope so!

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