Grant Gustin: I Would Play The Flash Again ‘If James Gunn Asked Me’

Grant Gustin: I Would Play The Flash Again ‘If James Gunn Asked Me’

Grant Gustin is game to speedsuit up again as The Flash — under the right circumstances.

Gustin of course ended his nine-season, 184-episode “run, Barry, run!” as TV’s scarlet speedster last May, and now is in previews for the Broadway musical Water for Elephants (in which he stars opposite Shucked‘s Isabelle McCalla).

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But if the creative overlord for the “new” DCU that is officially launching later this year (with Max’s Creature Commandoes, to be followed in July 2025 by the film Superman: Legacy) ever tendered an invite, Gustin says he’d consider channeling the Speed Force again.

Asked by a fan the other day if an overture from DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn might get him back in red spandex, Gustin answered (via TikTok/marveldc__6), “Yeah, if James Gunn asked me to play The Flash, I would do it again. I trust James Gunn.”

Since spring 2016, The Flash/Barry Allen has been played on the big screen by Ezra Miller, starting with cameos in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad and leading to meatier roles in Justice League and last year’s The Flash standalone movie (which… underperformed). All of said films pre-dated Gunn and co-CEO Peter Safran’s tenure at DC Studios, and are no longer DCU canon.

Speaking with TVLine about the Flash film last March, Gustin said that “as a Flash fan myself now,” he was most curious to see “[Michael] Keaton back in the [Batman] suit, and how they incorporate it. But also, it’s always exciting to see a feature of that scale and what they’ll be able to do in that type of setting.”

Gustin went on to note that, yes, there had been “a lot of rumors out there, for a long time,” about him possibly appearing in Miller’s Flash movie — maybe even as the scarlet speedster himself, as some sort of ripple effect of the Flashpoint storyline. But no, no such cameo was filmed (though a Teddy Sears/Jay Garrick lookalike was briefly glimpsed).

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It was almost a year ago when Gustin posted to Instagram a photo of him on set in his Flash costume standing on a green screen, with the caption: “I said goodbye to The Flash and my Flash family on Saturday. Very special day, with moments I will cherish for the rest of my life. My family got to see my last shot as The Flash — that’s something I could’ve never imagined nearly 10 years ago when I started this journey.”

Noting that the photo was taken moments before his final setup, he added: “I got a chance to thank the crew, who have worked longer hours than anyone can imagine and are the reason we were able to accomplish 184 episodes of The Flash. More than anything I’ll miss chatting and laughing in between takes (and sometimes during takes) with so many of them. Regardless of how challenging this journey was at times, I know I laughed every single day at work for the last 9+ years.”

Finally, he said: “Honored to have had the chance to play this iconic character. I gave it absolutely everything I had. That’s all for now.”

“For now” turning out to be the operative words….?

Gustin later posted a video of him literally hanging up his red Flash suit in his trailer for the last time, tapping it affectionately and saying, “Thanks, bud.”

Would you like to see Gustin hotfoot it to the big screen, if James Gunn wished to recruit TV’s former Flash?

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