Grand Economic Circle of Indigenous People and Québec - An event leading to the continuation of nation-to-nation discussions

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MONTRÉAL, Nov. 26, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ - The Grand Economic Circle of Indigenous People and Québec, bringing together actors from civil society, elected officials from Indigenous communities, the Québec government and the business world, has been taking place over the last two days. It ended with a joint declaration of commitments.

The two days of discussions provided a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to share their visions for the future and their expertise. Together, they identified development opportunities in the fields of entrepreneurship, employment and innovation. The announcement of support of up to $10 million from the Québec government for the First Nations Executive Education school is a concrete example of what can be achieved.

Commitments of benefit to all

In the wake of a pandemic that has caused upheaval in the worldwide economy, the Québec government is seeking to introduce innovative and inclusive measures that will promote a strong economic recovery, and the inclusion of the Indigenous peoples in this drive will promote their own growth while generating significant gains for Québec's economy.

The Grand Economic Circle of Indigenous People and Québec marked an essential starting point for the pursuit of these objectives. It led to a new form of collaboration between the three fundamental pillars of the economic recovery: the government, the First Nations, and the Québec business community.

Concrete solutions, sustainable benefits


"First, I would like to thank you for taking part in this event, which shows that we can work together as partners. Thanks to these two productive days, leaders from all sectors of society have been able to exchange views and set out new avenues for cooperation. The discussions have been frank and constructive. I am convinced that by working respectfully, we will be able to progress and obtain concrete results for the economies of our respective nations."

Ian Lafrenière, Minister Responsible for Indigenous Affairs

SOURCE Cabinet du ministre responsable des Affaires autochtones


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