Graham Elliot's New Haircut Makes Him Almost Unrecognizable

Graham Elliot smiling
Graham Elliot smiling - Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty Images

Beyond his cooking chops and affable TV persona, celebrity chef Graham Elliot is recognizable for his signature white glasses and snazzy, old-school style. To complete the look, the former "MasterChef Junior" judge typically kept a high and tight haircut — short on the sides with just a little length on top. On April 2, however, Elliot debuted a new cropped haircut that has completely transformed his image.

On Tuesday, the Michelin-starred chef (who has now closed all of his restaurants) posted a photo of his fresh cut to X (formerly known as Twitter) with the caption, "New season, new haircut!" Barely recognizable, the smirking chef has a totally shaved head, a smattering of salt-and-pepper stubble, no white glasses, and a silver chain necklace.

Fans were quick to share their support for his sleek new look. "Looking good!!!" one fan commented, while another added, "So sexy it hurts." Unfortunately, not everyone in the comments was so receptive. "That's not you," one person wrote.

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Most Fans Are Supportive Of The Chef's New Look

Graham Elliot on TV
Graham Elliot on TV - Rick Kern / Getty Images

The celeb chef's April 2 tweet isn't the first time a Graham Elliot transformation has turned heads. In 2013, he underwent a medical procedure that enabled him to shed 150 pounds. Fans were similarly floored by this change, but if we're talking haircuts, some folks have seen him sans hair once before. In March 2024, Elliot posted a photo of himself sporting a shaved head and a black tank top to Instagram with the caption, "That time I thought it was a good idea to shave my head and ended up looking like the singer of Right Said Fred. #ThrowbackThursday."

Although Elliot seemed to be poking fun at himself in his Instagram post (for those unaware, Right Said Fred is the band responsible for the 1992 hit "I'm Too Sexy"), the comment section was filled with words of support. "Honestly looks awesome," one comment read. Another fan simply wrote, "Oi! Chef!" Even Elliot's colleagues joined in on the conversation. "I'm Ilan Hall and I approve this message," chef Ilan Hall commented on the post. While it's unclear if Elliot's decision to shave his head a second time was influenced by the positive reactions to his throwback picture, we're just happy he's feeling himself.

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